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recipe: roast lamb & broad bean broth

seared leftover roast lamb & broad bean broth on cabbage noodles
roast lamb & broad bean broth
seared leftover roast lamb & broad bean broth on cabbage noodles
IngredientsMakes: 680g (1)
100g chinese leaf
100g cone cabbage
350g bean shell soup (recipe below)
5g lamb stock cube
85g roast lamb
10g peas
20g broad beans
10g lemon vinaigrette (recipe below)
2g mint
0.5g chives
Make the bean shell soup, prep the rest while it cooks, about 20 mins.
Shred the chinese leaf & place in serving bowl.
Shred the cone cabbage & steam for 7mins.
Sear & season the lamb so its crispy and golden.
Boil the peas & broad beans for 2mins - shell the broad beans if they are large!
Assemble, place the drained cabbage noodles onto the chinese leaf, top w/ hot soup, roast lamb, pulses, herbs & drizzle w/ lemon vinaigrette.

spiced onion & bean shell soup
bean shell soup
spiced onion & bean shell soup
IngredientsMakes: 730g (2)
40g EVO
3g cumin seeds
3g dried rosemary
5g garlic granules
1g cardamom seeds
190g onions
4g salt
600g water
120g broad bean shells
100g pea shells
20g lemon juice
Great way to use up shells from peas & broad beans from the garden.
Cook on the medium heat so the spices to over cook while the onion is browning.
EVO, then spices medium heat, then add onions and put the lid on, stir occasionally until soft & starting to brown.
Add the rest of the ingredients except the lemon juice, bring to the boil, then set to simmer for 20 mins.
Blitz w/ a stick blender and pass through a sieve.
Add the lemon to adjust the acidity and bring it to life.
Maybe a little tabasco?

lemon vinaigrette
lemon vinaigrette
IngredientsMakes: 300g
100g white wine vinegar
100g sugar
100g lemon juice
Juice the lemon and match weight w/ white wine vinegar & sugar.
Shake until fully dissolved.

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