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Friday 3 October 2014

Recipe (for a knees up): Private Birthday Party @ Nineteen

by Simon Fernandez of ferdiesfoodlab

Just recently we had a bit of swift manoeuvring to do as our regular venue evaporated in a puff of, what? no!? don’t know what your talking about! Needless to say there was no way I was going to let our guests down especially since they had supported us on numerous occasions before. So I went on a venue hunt!! (I’ve got nothing else to do with my time so it was the perfect way to burn some of it!!!) 

After a bit of asking around, a couple of venue hunting cycling missions, head scratching and the like Grubclub came to the rescue. Quick aside here Grubclub has all sort of events just like ours listed on their website!! I recommend taking a look!

They introduced us to a lovely couple of girls who run a venue in Queenspark called Nineteen:

Gladioli flowers of the gladiators!

How well dressed it that!!?  : )

After being shown around and getting a feel for the place, (I was made very welcome) I passed on the good news to the birthday boy and got down to designing a 6 course snork-up suitable for the venue and our guests!!

One of the great thing about Nineteen is that it has a bar/restaurant next door, Hugo’s - perfect for a couple of pre-dinner pints.

I reckon it was a cracking party . . .

Birthday sing song sir?!!

 ~ ferdiesfoodlab - menu ~

morcilla & apple tart
based on a classic french boudin noir tart, 
w/ braeburn apples and home made spanish morcilla
served w/ a champagne, vanilla & orange sauce
(contains: pork, gluten)

roast vegetable & shrimp cous cous dressed w/ rocket & blushed tomatoes
autumn vegetables, nuts and olives mixed w/ shrimp, chorizo and a lime coriander sauce
topped w/ fragrant arugula dressed in a light vinaigrette
(contains: nuts, gluten free)

sustainable white fish ceviche w/ sugar snaps
fresh sustainable white fish cured with citrus fruits is mixed with a sauce made up of
coconut milk, coriander, ginger, and chives and seasoned with fish sauce 
served w/ sugar snaps dressed in extra virgin olive oil and a touch of vinegar
(contains: fish, fermented anchovy)

roast ribeye of beef w/ roasties & green leaf salad
roasted 28day aged best end of ribeye of beef w/ tarragon sauce 
served w/ thyme infused roasties, and a light salad
(contains: beef, gluten free)

twice baked croissants w/ salted caramel & whisky & white chocolate sauce
croissants with whiskey soaked sultanas and a salted caramel centre
baked in a luscious white chocolate and whiskey enriched creme anglaise
(contains: alcohol & calories enjoy!)

cheese board
epoisses, manchego, chaource & roquefort
served w/ a selection of biscuits & fruit in season
(contains: a desire for port)

Applause all round!! Of course . . . 


Thanks again to 


for helping us make this event happen.
Happy birthday Steve!!

How To Book / Attend

How To Book / Attend
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