Wednesday 13 February 2013

What's the story? Fore-rib glory!!!

by Simon Fernandez of ferdiesfoodlab

This year's opening banquets have been absolutely buzzing, the atmosphere, the food the whole ferdiesfoodlab crew have stepped up to deliver, and our guests have been just phenomenal, so I thought I'd write a wee post about last week's (week before coming soon!) Right now . . . last weekend's 20kg beef forerib bonanza!!!

This was one of the stars of the show, one of two 10kg foreribs of beef, being seared for the oven.

I'll start with a patchwork of cuttings from the comment cards that we got from the evening:


< < < < <  ferdiesfoodlab is "the tits!"
(this is, apparently, pretty good)



I cannot thank you all enough for the wonderful feedback. It's so good to mingle at the end of the night. Everyone is unique, so different, you don't know what to expect, or what people are going to say - it's always great fun to engage with our guests!! : )

I've included the un-edited comment cards at the bottom ; )

the spiced carrots we served with the beef


Better check it fits in the oven!

Next stage is searing the outside!

Need to be in the oven by 2PM if we're to serve at 9PM

After leaving it to rest for 40mins or so time to CARVE!
the Candlestick Maker
The beef is ready! Time is of the essence at this point so Ian (of the Candle Stick Maker, my sous chef on this occasion) carves one forerib while I do the other.

We're carving in front of the banquet for a couple of reasons. So people can see and appreciate the beauty, the sumptuous gorgeousness and the size of the joints I've lovingly slow roasted for them, and so that folk are very much aware that the next course is imminent and it's a corker! We carved quickly and held the beef on a bed of hot stone, and from there to the banquet table on a warm wooden serving board. . . .

separate the ribs

isolate the ribeye

serve immediately

after 7hrs the beef was perfect - result!

Ollie did an amazing job on the potatoes - as usual!

It was a really great crowd last weekend, we had two birthday groups in. Happy SURPRISE!! Birthday Bonnie! Thanks for you comments : ) delighted you had a lovely evening!

And somehow I suspect that Olivia knew about her birthday! : ) Whilst beavering away in the kitchen I'm sure I heard at least  6 rounds of happy birthday!!

At one point there was a huge roar from the banqueting hall, which is a pretty frequent occurrence to be fair, but always entices me out to investigate . . . I can't help it it's great to see people having fun! This was a first though! When I opened the door I was greeted by 2 lasses - one of whom I believe to be Olivia, although I didn't know it at the time - gayly skipping around the hall along the outside of the banquet tables to all sorts of clapping and cheering. I wish I'd got a photo!!! : )


The night progressed in a similar vein and by the time we'd finished plating the dessert and petit fours folk in the hall seemed to be in a pretty good mood, so much so that I entered to a spontaneous round of applause. Which was very nice indeed, I feel I must mention at this point the wonderful ferdiesfoodlab crew who were critical in delivering the food and service for the evening. 

Dave (FoH / Kitchen), Ollie (MD / Kitchen) & Ian (Kitchen)

Anna (FoH / Kitchen) doing a great job of the sugar work for the pralines, Ollie getting his hands dirty!!

Me (ferdie /Host), Ian (Kitchen), Ollie (MD / Kitchen),  Joy (FoH / Service)

~~============ The food we've started the year with! ============~~
I've tried to keep courses on the the move especially for our returning guests - it's always nice to have something different to try. There are of course quite a few courses that folk love to see return to the menu!! The roast ribeye, the Cambodian salad the pork belly and wonton all being examples of this. We've started the year with new petit fours, a cracking dessert, a new terrine board, a new super fresh edamame, pea and egg combo with a croquette, a new duck dish and last weekend a rock and roll double full forerib of beef!
Here are a few pics to give you an idea!  : )  Happy days! . .  
Chorizo Salad
Duck L'Orange
Jasmine Rice
Country Terrine
w/ Thyme & Orange
Petit Fours Forerib of Beef Poached Egg
Morcilla My Sandwich Filler Infused Oils
Salted Caramel &
Orange Thyme Cake
Roasties Oil Cake & Pistachio Praline


*** see comment below

* * * The next day, I trimmed out the intercostal meat, heated it gently in a small pan, seasoned it and added a little green sauce and slapped it in between two slices of bread and butter. I cannot remember the last time I had such a nice beef sandwich! I wish I could have taken a full palette olfactotastygraph of it for all of you to savour.

More comments and feedfack: 

* Salad was ablolutely perfect
* carrots s3x


I thought the egg was a ball of mozarella until i cut into - it woah!!! Beautiful, really really nice!

The food was rediculously tasty adn varied
Thea atmosphere and location fantastic
and the banter just as we were hoping for
Well done. A marvelous night Thank you!
A fantastic night was hadby one and all.
BIG heart XX

Thank you ferdie
The food was amazing
really delicious 

Bella & Bonnie

loved everything!
amazing ~croquettes~
dessert needs improvement

it tasted like oreos
dessert reminded me of oreos - I used to work for them
it taste of oreos
the second dessert with the melted sugar was great

(later an oreo phobia was declared!! 
not sure, but I don't think there's a lot we can do about that!!!)

Waht can I say? the food, as usual, was
outstanding! The rare beef was lush UL and
I particulary loved the yum salaad.
Allergies were well caterred for. 

Tres bien cherrie!
PS whens the next one? Merci
beaucoup [SIC] pour L'Elysium

Full comment cards will be up here soon!!

Hope the next one's just as good, we try and make it better every time!!

If you fancy coming along just send an email with you details!!
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How To Book / Attend
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More Techniques, Basics and Corker Recipes
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