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recipe: courgette spaghetti & red pepper w/ pea shell & celeriac sauce & parmesan

courgette skin spaghetti & braised red pepper w/ pea shell & celeriac sauce
courgette spaghetti & red pepper w pea shell & celeriac sauce w parmesan
courgette skin spaghetti & braised red pepper w/ pea shell & celeriac sauce
IngredientsMakes: 530g - Serves: 1
300g pea shell & celeriac sauce (recipe below)
150g red pepper
2g olive oil
100g cooked courgette skin spaghetti (recipe below)
1g salt
2g parmesan
First make the pea shell & celeriac sauce.
While that's on prep the pepper and julienne it.
Cook it until just starting to soften so it still has a bit of bite.
Make the spaghetti and cook it.
Then assemble & sprinkle w/ parmesan.

pea shell & celeriac sauce
light fragrant sauce made from leftover pea shells & a little celeriac
IngredientsMakes: 300g
140g pea shells
10g veg stock cube
450g water
140g celeriac
20g butter
0.5g salt
Top and tail the pea shells then cut into thirds - this will stop them jamming your stick blender.
Peel & dice the celeriac into 5mm dice.
Add everything to a small sauce pan & bring to the boil.
Once boiling reduce the heat & simmer for 10mins.
The sauce will be thicker if you leave the lid off.
Remove from the heat & blitz w/ a stick blender until smooth.
Pass through a sieve. Use as rquired

cooked courgette skin spaghetti
courgette skin spaghetti lightly braised in brine
IngredientsMakes: 98g
105g courgette skin spaghetti (recipe below)
Place the courgette skin spaghetti in salted boiling water for 90 seconds.
Remove & leave to drain in a sieve.
Use as required - a little pesto for minimum effort snack / lunch

courgette skin spaghetti
IngredientsMakes: 105g
105g courgette
Top & tail a medium large courgette.
Peel it lengthways with a julienne peeler.

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