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What follows are comments left by our guests, links to blog reviews, newspaper cuttings and the like : )

= = = 2016 . . .


we were served breaded slow cooked rib of lamb accompanied by a wonderful herby, citrus dip and gorgeous warm, garlicy Afghan bread
– we agreed that we could have eaten mountains of this alone and been very content

Loved the chilli heat, herbs and spice notes in the Asian dressing of the cucumber spaghetti which went well with the vegetarian haggis – a new experience for us.

the rack of veal was tender and delicious to eat. 

Our favourite was the refreshing citrus and fruit elements of the cauliflower salad . . that danced across your palate and made you keep going back for more as it had a wonderful texture and flavour.

particularly enjoyed the spiced apricot sauce on the treacle tart as it helped cut through the sweetness of a traditional treacle tart

We recommend checking out ferdiesfoodlab : )


ferdie describes it as a banquet, and that is definitely what it felt like, with 6 courses of very generous portions!

ferdie . . . started off with an absolute stunner and my favourite dish of the night: cube-abs, or simply, lamb croquettes. They were far and away the best breaded and fried meat I’ve ever had, and trust me, I’ve had my fair share!

The highly anticipated ‘green bomb’ was a very flavourful veggie delight, 

Oh. My. Goodness. I chewed every last bit of meat from that bone, and I wish I could have had more.The meat was superbly succulent, and would not have been out of place in a Michelin establishment.Perfectly salted on the outside, slightly pink in the middle… I want to eat it every day of my life!

. . . it felt like we traversed the world in one evening!

. . . there were some absolute diamonds in there, and believe me when I say that I will be dreaming about the lamb croquettes and the veal for a long while to come . . .

So happy you enjoyed you food, pleasure you have at the banquet Kiran.


As supper clubs go, Simon is operating at the top of his game and quite rightly deserves the title given to him by The London Foodie blog of ‘one of the pioneers of the supper club movement in London’

. . a menu that was well crafted and skilfully executed . .

. . better value than a restaurant dinner, especially when you factor in the alcohol costs vs. BYOB

. . real social element . . . you always meet interesting characters . .

You’d be hard pressed to find food in a restaurant of this quality for that sort of price.

For those of you who like meeting new people, you’ll love this. We were sitting on a table with a high end restaurant PR, two girls just about to launch their own food blog and a music composer - talk about an interesting bunch!!  

Great to know you had such a nice time Lucy, thank you!


"As far as supperclubs go, Ferdies Food Lab is without a doubt the best I’ve been to so far."

"It’s different, a little quirky – and most importantly very delicious."

"It’s unexpected finds like this which make supperclubs so interesting . . . heavenly dishes"

"The Oh-so succulent roast ribeye of beef with liquorice salt was an absolute stunner,"

"For only £45 this really is a bit if a bargain and one I can honestly say is worth every penny of it."

Thanks so much Gary!!

= = = Dec 2015 . . .

Review from Miss Immy
 ferdiesfoodlab - review - certainly didn't disappoint!
Most kind words, including:

“If you enjoy food and like the unusual setting of a supper club, then I highly recommend you check out Ferdie's Food Lab.”

“we were there for the food. And that certainly didn't disappoint.”

“worlds apart and everything was delicious!“

“Surprisingly, the veggie Haggis with spicy cucumber was probably my favourite. But then again the beef was excellent. Oh, and did I mention the chocolate peanut butter cups…”

“Simon is an adventurous and imaginative cook with a flair for new ideas, as well as creating interesting twists on old favourites. So dinner at his Battersea-based supper club was just the ticket.”

Thank you Immy :)

More comments left by guests in December:
I will be recommending it to lots of people, the whole evening far exceeded my expectations!
This is on of the first few times I've attended a supper club and it VERY MUCH LIVED UP TO OUR EXPECTATIONS
AMAZING FOOD thank you so much for accommodating our large and disorganised group
FAKKIN AWESOME - Good vibes, tailored taste, purely lovely experience.

~ # # # ~

ferdiesfoodlab private parties social banquets catering

"What I did want was something fun, fresh, exciting and sociable, where you weren’t expected to vacate the table after two hours, and could mingle and move around, all the while eating amazing food!" ,

" I nearly went mad with the stress of trying to find the perfect restaurant that didn’t cost upwards of £65 per head, that could fit about 30 of us in. "

"we felt instantly comfortable and proceeded to get on with the business of partying without worrying about sniffy waiters reigning us in! "

"The food was absolutely brilliant – a really unusual and eclectic mix of Spanish / Mediterranean sharing plates, which kept everyone at the table guessing. There was such a mixture of unusual flavours, and everyone raved about the food afterwards, saying how different it was to anything they’d ever had before. "
Was and absolute pleasure, thanks for the write up from Toast and Butter


Review from Guan Chua on his blog theboywhoatetheworld, who is currently receiving Le Cordon Bleu, training. Some great photography in this post too!! May 19th 2013

. . . "in contrast to most supper clubs where the focus is on ethnic home-style cuisine, Ferdies deserves credit and praise for pushing the boat out with his cooking." . . . . . read more here!

 Great recommendations form ABSOLUTELY EAST!!
 Check out their online mag here!

The tankards and goblets are like the booze BYO!! We send out a wine pairing with each event so if you come as a group you can get a bottle each and share them!!

Upcoming dates here AWESOME!

British Airways - inflight magazine - High Life:
 (Ahem, except it's not in my flat! The banquet is held at Toynbee Hall a grade II listed building!)

-  -  - - - - - - - = = = = SOCIAL BANQUET 22 mar 2013 Comments = = = = - - - - - - -  -  -   

             A long long
    time ago, in a supper club
Far, Far, Away . . . . . . . . . . . .

We're going to need a bigger plate!!
rock 'n' roll food, man!

* Ambience: Excellent, but suggestion would
      be to move people around after
      each course / 2 courses ( avoid
      groups who come on their own)
* Food quality: Excellent
* Food Presentation: Excellent also
* Series Sum Sign (Summing up?): Very very good. Will Come again!

Everything was amazing you never fail to impress! FeliciaX
Intriguing - in a VERY good way - menu.
Loved the salad as much as everyone
else did, but the black quenelle
was especially amazing! wow . . .

Thank you for a fabulous evening! I have really
enjoyed tasting tasting your food. I think the lamb
and morcilla was my favourite dish although,
every plate you presented was sans reproach.

This was such and amazing
dinner. I'm so happy to
have experienced this supper club!
PS the salad was my favourite
   though everything was to
   die for!

Wonderful food!
absolutely amazing . . .
                    thank you!

Fantastic food, we particularly liked:
* bread
* bacon course
* sorbet
* salad

Kate O & friends:

Really fantastic evening
. . .  unbeatable food
+ wonderful setting
    Thankyou ! ! !

Amazing! Such good food -
best terrine I've ever tasted,
such a nice atmosphere,
just a great evening
all round.

Deliver! Thank you very
much for ????? in all.
It was a fantastic evening!

AMAZING! > > > >

< < < Delicious! Too full to move!

- - ---- - -
 - - - - ------------------- - - - - 
-  -  -  - - - - - - - = = = Kate J's BIRTHDAY!!  = = = - - - - - -  -  -
-  -  -  - - - - - - - = = = 23 mar 2013 Comments = = = - - - - - -  -  -  
- - - - ------------------- - - - - 
- - ---- - -

Phenomenal, felt very
looked after. The food
was outstanding!!

         Top marks!!
                XXXX XXXX

Thank you : )


Absolutely Bloody Amazing!
Don't know where to start?
Rest is illegible : /

What a lovely evening. Thanks
a million!! Food was great,
atmosphere was perfect for a
party situation.
                Will recommend

This Food was excellent!!!
It has restored my Faith in pop-ups!
Do not become gimmick. Stay
true to your vision of good
Food and the consumer experience.
        Well done!


< < < Yummy! Yum Yum


< < < Beautiful Food
Beautiful Service
Beautiful Friends
Big heart - drawn

Wowza. What a lovely lovey
lovely lovey lovely
lovely lovey lovely
lovely lovey lovely
lovely lovey lovely
lovely lovey lovely lovely
lovely lovey lovely lovely
lovely lovey lovely dinner!!

(all handwritten!! MIGHTY penwork!! ferdie)

Thank you!
It was delicious!
UL squirl

Thanks a MILLION X
                            X X

A wonderful alternative menu
for pescatarians.
Delicious, light and excellent
friendly welcome and service
throughout the evening.

-  -  -  - - - - - - - - - - - - - = = = = mar 2013 comments = = = = - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -  -    

Thought I'd put a profile up on TripAdvisor this is what someone had left about us!! Only wish I know who so I could say thank you!!

This is what they said:
"It's a pop-up restaurant run bu [SIC] a total unknown, completely different dining experience, and the food's just so much better than most restaurants I've been to!! Should be on the map for any one visiting London!!! In my humble opinion!"

From the Food Goblin - Lucy Boler in her new radio show:
"I interview Simon Fernandez, chef of Ferdies Food Lab - the hottest supper club to hit London . . . . . interview here on Zone 1 Radio . . . . . Enjoy and do try to ignore the awkward, socially unacceptable sex noises I make over Simon's black olive ganache!"

@foodgoblin1  @_ingoodtaste  @z1radio             

Fork Magazine - Recipe List- Movember - ferdiesfoodlab -  Supper Club London 

Check out Janan Loves Radio Show on Hoxton FM
From the one of the above interviews: "It's been wonderful!! It's just the perfect combination of good food, but amazing atmosphere, it's very relaxed and friendly, you don't feel very formal about anything but the food's AWESOME!

Would you go to another supper club? "I'd definitely do more! Love it!
Definitely worth checking out ferdiesfoodlab!
Everything has been perfect!"

Thanks Siobhan Frost for your kind words! You can check out her design and photography blog slanted mansion here:

I wanted to say a MASSIVE thank-you for your culinary efforts on Saturday night - I couldn't have chosen a better chef, evening or event to celebrate my birthday! My guests were THRILLED with your dining deliciousness and we are already planning to return another night for more servings of Ferdie's foodie fun! Simply brilliant. LOVED IT! Nom nom nom!

Thanks again,

xx Andrea  (Glazier)
(thank you Andrea I'm glad you had such a cracking night!!! Rock and Roll!! ferdie)

Thanks for the great event last night. I can't stop thinking about the pork belly dish.
Jon K

Cambodian Chorizo Salad - Really nice. 
I wanted to cryogenically freeze my taste buds for posterity.
Adam Pontifer Arber

Thank You!!
Janan and Franco - the Londonist, check out Janans show on Hoxton FM 
(Was lovely to hear what people had to say thank you all so much!!! ferdie)

Hats off to Simon
Your Supperclub ROCKS!
Will be back very soon
Thanks for a wonderful meal.
Great Menu + atmosphere Well done!

A fantastic evening! Great food, fab company, amazing setting . . . what more could we ask for??!! Thank you so much see you soon! Tania K XXX

Simon, big thanks for treating us to an incredible meal - and for leaving out the dill! : )
We'll be back soon Sophia

       The food was delicious. I can't pick a favorite course as they were all amazing. Great seating arrangement, have met some great ladies & gentlemen.
           THANK YOU!        Sophia
 The food was beyond amazing - 
 Thanks for an interesting and enjoyable evening.
Stand out dish was the beef!!
Other highs:
White tomato sauce, the stock w/ the pork belly, the amuse and the black olive ganache. May just have to email you for the white tomato sauce recipe!       Rachel

Loved it! If anything , one cheese course rather than 2 desserts. But loved it over all!! Thanks : )
Amy J

Beef made my year!
Petit fours = heaven
An amazing anniversary dinner - thank you so much!!
X Joey

I loved the asian fusion salad + the starter mini-meals, constant grazing is always a winner.
XX Emily

See pev card [SIC]


To achieve excellence / perfection an 8 o'clock start would be desirable.
Other than that, as before
EXCELLENT ! the MEAT was fan . . . . f…cking fantastic!!

HOWELL (Howell's a comedian check him out here!! Ahem 'cept for his comments about the food!)
(I have to put my hands up I had 8 off the Spanish contingent of my Familly came this evening and there were flight delays, in my defence I did warn people, but you're right, the show must go on, and in the end we started without them, they arrived 5 mins after that! - ferdie)

My compliments to the chef !! . . . and your helpers
The dessert: de muerte!! OK
(Trans: The dessert: to die for!! OK)

Really enjoyed the tortilla, thought the popcorn dessert could have come with a waffery side although the cookies were lovely and buttery. Overall a brilliant meal + evening
Brialliant review + inventive food.
(What about a waffery thin mint? Monsieur? ferdie)

The olive ganache was excellent!

Thanks for  a wonderful
  evening =)
The food was superb.

Fantastics food overall, loved the salad, and the sweet potato was great in the tortilla.
More liquorice in the beef
Overall a cracking meal and much respect for it!
Dan  . . . .- - - ^ ^ ^
PS the tomato consome? was amazing!
(? - YES it's a consomme - some might call it an essence!! ; ) - ferdie )

LOVED the chorizo salad the food was fabulous, even dessert which has never been my favourite!
Thanks for a fab evening

I think your food I5 amazing!
YUMMY! Watcha. xxx

Nat & Warwick
PS:- invisible tomato was lovely + invisible

-  -  -  -  - - - - - - - - - - - - - = = = = may 2012 = = = = - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -  -  -  -

A fabulous post from Mummy, Mrs, Minä, London Supper Club - Shorditch


"The premier, the food was excellent: frittataa, salad, cakes, roast beef, ice cream, candy ... Roast beef was really good, but my favorite was the chorizo ​​salad and the end of sweet lemon and Salted caramel fudge and black olive ganache. Ferdie could start selling these?"

Direct Quote:
"Evening was fab, met some lovely new people and more importantly, the food was delicious. Highly recommend!"

Thanks you so much! : )

We're also in good company, mentioned along with the the loft project!

- - - - - - -  other comment from out guests  - - - - - - -

Oyster mushrooms, Potatoes, bread (rosemary), Tortilla - fave
met lovely people - had a great evening!
mega lols
Absolutely Fanatastic!
Loved everything, concept, food, & venue.
Was a great break from the ordinary dining experience!

Kudos   Andrew C 

Lovely crowd - food was delicious, particulary enjoyed the tortilla,
bacon swirls and fudge!!

Good choice of setting too!   Thanks! Claire x

Surpasses restaurant quality by miles,
great atmosphere too.
Favourite course was tortilla but started on a high and continued
Thank you for a great evening . . Caroline
 Absolutely loved of the food it was delicious.
The sweet potato tortilla and mushrooms was a particular favourite as was the rare beef.

Thank you very much!
                                           Nicki x

loved salad con chorioz
loved invisible tomato
loved mushrooms (ie oyster mushrooms)
and the company wasn't that bad!  ; )


-  -  -  -  - - - - - - - - - - - - - = = = = apr 2012 = = = = - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -  -  -  -

* Loved the sauce in the bottle AMAZING
* Split 50/50 on the Yum Salaad - 2 Yummiest Chorizo ever! 2 Chorizo & celeriac hmmm?
* Maine course wholesome. Very Nice.
* Ice cream sandwich inspired
* Well measured timing between courses
* Atmosphere G R E A T !!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . Matt, Shireen, Ivana & Viv

Michael loved the beef + the salad + the bread + the oaty cookie popcorn and the bacon swirl things and the fudge + the black olive ganache ---- actually he loved all of it! + so did Alan.  

Jolly Good!

It was perfect!!  
?Popcorn iceream - loved it! 

Can we have a nude waitress? 
(in an artistic way!)  

Great Food - Leigh

If you could come over to my place and cook roast potatoes every day then that would be perfect!

Thank you!

 Such delicious food!!!
 My favourites: Tortilla, Yum Salaad, Marshmallows & Fudge
Thank you for a lovely evening! All very delicious. Bests Tortilla, Yum Salaad . . . a great experience Many Thanks Leila
AMAZING first 2 courses!! Seriously! I want the recipe!
=> Main course => delicious! TOP QUALITY!
Dessert => Yummy
petit fours => AMAZING

I though it was all delicious!!! I want the recipe for the dressing for the 2nd course! 
Couldn't Fault a thing!
      . . . . Thank you so much. I will be back xxx

Really yummy fudge. Really yummy beef - bacon swirls & popcorn ice-cream was V.good. Good service in a nice venue. Music should be LOUDER!! -=- Yum Salaad was amazing . . beef good too. (Perfectly cooked), Right amount of time between courses and service was good . . . we had great fun and would recommend to others!
                                                                                                 Ella, Amy, Stephanie & Nicola XXXX

Ice cream was great! . . . Thanks for a lovely night, staff was[SIC] great . . A great experience, Van

 -  - - - - - - - - - - - - = = = = private surprise birthday party = = = = - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -

Amazing! Delicious! Loved the tortilla, salad, ribeye. Great number of dishes, lovely vibe. Loved the chef coming out to interact with us. Thumbs up all round. Jo + Alex.

I want to marry the salty lemon fudge. It's solid, chunky & tart - everything I look for in a husband. Oh fudge why wont you be mine?! XX

Normally the vegetarian option is shit! Excuse me. But I thought it was really good thanks! The sauce was packed with flavour! Thanks Dipit

Favourites: Salted lemon fudge and the swirls were both divine. Improvements: the aubergine has the wrong description under it on the menu card. Amazing dinner and service. We loved all the courses & would definitely do this again!

Amazing food - the tortilla was delicious + the beef perfectly cooked. Thank You!!

Lovely evening . . . fantastic food and a brilliant idea! We loved it Trischna and Rishi
Excellent food really lovely atmosphere. 

fantastic food, and lots of it. Brilliant fun was has by all Ollie -=- YUM x Matt x

Great food, great venue, great birthday surprise . . . Great service too especially Oli! Keep up the good work!

-  -  -  -  - - - - - - - - - - - - - = = = = mar 2012 = = = = - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -  -  -  -

Lovely post from KieranisBeeran, checkit out on his beer blog!! With some really interesting beer matching suggestions for our current menu, and we're not talking Fosters and Guiness here!! Great stuff!!

Not sure what we were expecting but it certainly exceeded everything we could have anticipated. Surprises in flavours and influences on traditional dishes such as the steak done incredibly well. Amazing for somebody self taught.

Thanks for a great night particularly enjoyed the Chorizo Salad and Petit Fours, great atmosphere and company.  -=-  Awesome, first timer hoping to one day be a veteran! -=- A real delight. 

My favourite was the beef, can I have some of your petit four marshmallows to take home? I'm never eating in a shit restaurant again. Sara  -=-  I wasn't sure that I would be able to fit everything, but I savoured every bite. Congratulations on an exceptional menu and execution. This meal will go down in history, thank you to all of your team, Izzy -=- How can I follow that?! Great food, good drink lovely company will definitely recommend. Kate x


Yum for for everthing but esp. the Yum Salaad. And really love the Lemony Fudge Petit Four. L
YOU ROCKED IT! -=- I want a hug next time : ( -=- Chorizo SALAD = BADASS

-  -  -  -  - - - - - - - - - - - - - = = = = feb 2012 = = = = - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -  -  -  -

So delicious, didn't know what to expect and it blew my mind. Thank you + well done.  -=-  Excellent! -=-  Excellent menu (tomarto [SIC] was slightly weird but unexpected) really full and happy - thank you x -=-  : ) Ferdie Rocked my palette

Awesome night @ferdiesfoodlab perfect food. Great staff, lovely people. This is how I finish my night Rose de Gambrinus ‏ @KieranBeeran

Amazing food loved every course. Joy's a legend. Great experience WONDERFUL TREATS! BUT COME OUT AND SAY HELLO. (ferdie comment: got out in the end! Was lovely to meet you hope you come back soon muah x)

Dear Team, Thanks for a great evening it was a fantastic experience. Invisible tomato!! Great flavours - see you again soon Jenna + Craig

Fabulous food throughout. Really loved the Cambodian/Chorizo salad - amazing combination. Dessert was very creative really liked the mix of flavours. Fabulous selection tonight, the salad was spectacular! Thank you Anna

Hi Simon, We were here for your 1st event. We came back tonight for our fourth anniversary as a couple. Like last time it was amazing and we're dying to come back. Hopefully it won't take us so long next time. Thank you for another amazing night! Kieran + Janey XX

+ venue + dessert + good atmosphere had a great time - Thank you
It was fabulous!
Amazing service, Joy really makes a good front of house : ) Awesome food, my only criteria food could have been a bit hotter. (ferdie comment: noted)
-  -  -  -  - - - - - - - - - - - - - = = = = = = = = - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -  -  -  -

Had a fabulous time (once you let us in!) thanks so much definitely be back Lou  =)
Food was excellent - Great variety & really interesting. Timing between courses possible a little long - except for those of us with small appetites, enough time to digest which was great. Loved the atmosphere, staff and overall experience . . . look forward to the next.   PS I forgot to add inside, thank you for a lovely evening. Also Joy was great  =)  

Dear Simon
thanks. We had a fun evening. Great concept. Both Matt and I enjoyed ourselves even if we were a little bit disorderly towards the end of the evening. The dessert seemed quite heavy (the cookie part) Matt liked the unsweetened popcorn flavoured icecream. Hope that's helpful and good luck with your venutre - I will definitely be spreading the word.

Best wishes


Enjoyed the food very much. Lamb was good and moist, wanted more spice? Bacon swirls were great but too much pastry in the menu maybe? Dessert was soo big. Presentation.

I really like your food! Improve presentation and timing!

Come talk to us more next time! Tortilla amazing, lamb sooo soft, popcorn icecream, all fab Jem

Wow foodlab did not dissapoint! [SIC] Almost too much but we managed! Maybe take off a pastry? But which one? Morcilla and Champagne or Bacon Swirl? Agony! Fab evening Jr xx

Blog post on ferdiesfoodlab from "foods I fancy" - and I quote "The experience in under 5 words - it did NOT disappoint..."

-  -  -  -  - - - - - - - - - - - - - = = = = 2011 = = = = - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -  -  -  -

3 events of updates to add here!!

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Article in Verdens Gang - VG Weekend Food Journey

I most remember about ferdiesfoodlab are quality of food, trying new dishes, attention from host and the chance to have interesting conversations with people from so many different walks of life.       From me you get 5 starts!! - Ana J

Great concept and passion for food! - Paul W

Thank you for a wonderful evening - Dasha

Fabulous lovely evening - we want Chef to announce courses please! - Anne

Very good atmosphere (once lights dimmed!) all very tasty! Thanks! - Ted

Fab YouTube channel post on ferdiesfoodlab from Mr Drink 'n' Eat 
Mr Drink 'n' Eat - Pairing Wine for ferdiesfoodlab Menu
Blog post from Passport Delicious always nice to be mentioned in the company of Heston Blumenthal

Just wanted to drop you a note and say THANK YOU! for an amazing time on Friday at ferdiesfoodlab. The food was incredible and I particularly loved the ‘pork plate’ you did for me as I’m allergic to crab. (I have been asked by my friends to stop talking about the food as I keep going on about it…)
This was the first supper club I have been to and I think you have set the bar very high.

Thanks so much and I hope to be back again soon

Jo x

It was brilliant! A + M xx

Crab was the best crab I've ever eaten, lovely evening!

Thank you it was a lovely evening, Nina x

Lots of love with the last course at ferdiesfoodlab!

=  =  =  = What people are saying about ferdiesfoodlab =  =  =  =  =  =
The crab, wasn't from the Barents Sea it was from another planet! - Tom

Simon just wanted to drop you a quick note to say we had a fantastic time on Friday and the food was incredible, loved every course particularly the lamb. And the lemon fudge things and the crab, oh and the pears in champagne, and the beef strips with the emulsion and peppers. Basically everything.
Thanks for all the time and effort you put in everything was done to an exceptional standard. - Rory
Ham / Champagne excellent! - Janet

Everything was delicious, maybe a utensil for the crab? We used our fingers! - Absolutely fabulous night! -  Dave & Diana

Blog post on ferdiesfoodlab from London-Unattached 

=  =  =  =  =  = What people are saying =  =  =  =  =  =
Absolutely phenomenal food last night @ferdiesfoodlab the lamb was perfection, everything was - Kieran

fabulous banquet style event...  - Fiona

Had a lovely time @ferdiesfoodlab. Surrounded by interesting people - Tehbus

Craving those white choc black olive things you served on sat.... They were YUM - Serena

We had a great time and the food was to die for. Salud, and good luck with the next one. - Javier

Your food is incredible. Best supperclub food I've had - Richard

The food was a triumph! Thank you! - Victoria

I absolutely loved it. Thought that the balance of the meal was perfect and the atmosphere really warm. Crab and lamb were favs!- Jon G

Please come back I would love to know how we compare! : )

Pescatarian point of view from 1 of the 3 Men & A Bay Leaf

First in depth review of ferdiesfoodlab  from The London Foodie   << * * MUST READ!! * *

Post on ferdiesfoodlab from A Girl in Walthamstow


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"This was certainly no ordinary meal, we were treated to a seven course extravaganza, with a tiny team of two presenting the thrity assembled guests with plate after plate of fantastic food".

The Aftertease Revisted 
"The real beauty of Simon and Uyen’s food is that it’s so fresh and full of taste! I’m in complete awe of how they manage to shoehorn so much flavour into what are in essence fairly uncomplicated dishes. It’s honest food, the kind of food that you can’t hide behind. I can say, hand on heart, that I would choose a meal at the Fernandez and Leluu Supper Club over the showy foams and emulsions offered in eateries like the Dorchester or L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon any day of the week."

The Aftertease 
"Well…what can I say…I have fallen in love with the Fernandez and Leluu Supper club and will most definitely be returning if they’ll have me back. I was totally amazed at the professional standard of the food being produced in what was in reality a fairly small non commercial kitchen. We all commented on the quality of the food - there had definitely been no expense spared on ingredients and it was worth every penny of my donation. I believe that that standard of food can only be produced by people who fully appreciate, understand and have an all encompassing passion for food and I have come away from my first supper club experience completely and utterly inspired!"

Blog Post By Tales From The Tiny Kitchen

Blog Post By Dick & Fanny

August 2010

Review By Pips Dish

Blog Post By The Reluctant Londoner
@reluctantlondon: "
Delicious dinner last night at @fernandeznleluu, set the supper club bar very high!"

Blog Post By The Food Archive
"Had a great time @Fernandeznleluu last night! Great GREAT food, lovely people and super friendly!"

"Love @fernandeznleluu even more now. Best dinner ever. Amazing hospitality and fun. Off to Clerkenwell to party"

"ace eve, courtesy of ace cooks @fernandeznleluu last night. again, again, again please x"

"possibly the best Squid Ink Risotto I have ever had!!! @fernandeznleluu"

"I just want to thank you all again for a fabulous night last night.  I was a pop-up virgin until last night and now I am a convert.  The food and company were both fabulous.  Catering for all those people, to such a high standard, in a domestic kitchen, is amazing.  You are very clever! ;0) Thank you again.  I will be back and am spreading the word."

"Thank you so much for my first experience in eating in an ‘underground’ restaurant, it was  amazing and I had such a truly memorable evening."

Blog Post By Stuffyaface:

"Thank you so much for a fabulous evening last Friday. We met interesting people and ate gorgeous food in lovely, relaxed surroundings.  What more could we wish for!  We'll certainly be contacting you again. Warmly, Bronwyn, Arthur & Josh"

The Evening Standard 9th August 
"...My favourites are those chefs who mix cultural influences — such as the inspired sashimi and chips at Fernandez and Leluu ....”

"Hey...thanks again you two for making a fantastic bday dinner party for me and my motley crew! Judging by the feedback, its been one of my best! Cheers again, Johnny X"

"Hey, just wanted to thank you for a great evening! Your hosting and food was brilliant. Ps The wine you gave me in the cab put you at the top of my super cool list! Thanks again, and let me know bout future nights... Kim"

"Thank you so much for dinner last night, it was beautiful and I had a great time.  I'll be coming back for sure!"

"Thank you both for such a wonderful evening.  You created a fabulous environment and the food was sensational."

"Thank you for a most delightful and engaging evening. Very impressed with how you both pulled off the combination of fine food and balanced company. Remarkable."

Blog Post: Hungry In London

"I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for the meal the other night.  It really was delicious.  I still can't quite decide which course was my favourite...."

July 2010
BBC Radio 4 - The Food Programme

"Thank you both again for a lovely meal tonight and for accommodating our dietary needs.  You were very kind and we had a great time in the garden."

"Just wanted to thank you again for such a lovely night last night. I'm so glad I've finally been! The space and the crowd were fabulous and I really enjoyed the food - I'm still dreaming about that beef pho!"

"Thanks once again for such a lovely evening, and apologies for keeping you up so late - you create such a great atmosphere we didn't want to leave! It was so nice to finally meet you both - hope to see you soon. All I can think about is your lovely pho! Have fun over the weekend - I hope you manage to fit in some fun too - Nicola"

"@fernandeznleluu @VintageMacaroon - thank you for sitting me with Debbie & those lovely Canadians (Dana and Naomi), they were all awesome!"

Laura"...I can not recommend this highly enough!"

"So, @fernandeznleluu on Fri night was brilliant. Thanks Simon & Uyen, we loved it times a million. Wonderful food, atmosphere, everything!"

"I just wanted to drop a quick email thank you to you guys for such a lovely night last night. We really loved the experience and the food was amazing! It was all sublime but I have never had anything like that purple dip that went with the bread at the beginning. The colour and taste just blew us away. What was that??? Recipe?? Or is that a trade secret...
Great experience and so happy to have finally got the “nerve” to try a supper club. I think not having to choose your meal and being surprised was fantastic."

"thankyou for a wonderful evening. the food was exquisite and the night was fabulous we both had a great time. thankyou so much and we hope to see you again soon."

"...We had the most amazing time and your food was extraordinary, I personally really loved the Lemongrass & Rainbow Trout Soup With Glass Noodles, Pak Choi, Corriander & King Prawn, do you ever give out the recipes? Anyway, thanks again, we're already planning to come back!"

"You must be in the kitchen prepping away for another feast tonight. Thank you so much for such lovely food yesterday!! Our favorites were: beetroot dip, pea soup, vegetable terrine and the rainbow trout soup (would you share the recipe for this one?) Absolutely delicious!!!"

"Thanks for a lovely evening - the food was scrumptious and the ambience & company so enjoyable. You two work so hard - I really admire it and think you're doing very well."

Blog Post By: The Happiness Project 
Blog Post By Tamarind & Thyme -   Picnic At Henley Royal Regatta

Blog Post By: Feast On Scraps - Picnic At Henley Royal Regatta

 Blog Post By: Meemalee's Kitchen - Picnic At Henley Royal Regatta
Blog Post By Greedy Diva - Picnic At Henley Royal Regatta

Blog Post By Violets Curd/ The Hatcham Supper Club - Picnic At Henley Royal Regatta

June 2010

"I never had the opportunity to thank you for an amazing meal and a lovely atmosphere.  I am crazy for Pho and could sit on your doorstep for scraps... "

"I just wanted to thank you for another lovely dinner last Thursday.  Everyone on our table enjoyed your hospitality and the great food.  They were told on no uncertain terms that they had better turn up after having accepted the invitation! Am so pleased that you are gaining a bigger and bigger reputation - I hope both of you keep enjoying the good work. :)
 P.S. The ham and fig mouthfuls were a delightful combination".  

"Friday night's pho @fernandeznleluu was my best ever but I'm starting to fear that even the finest is just a gateway drug for bun bo hue"

"STILL dreaming of the amazing @fernandeznleluu on friday. a lotus/pho/tortilla/sashimi and chips/coconut sorbet/ *pea soup* dream"
"we LOVE you! thank you so much for the awesome evening."

"@beekernortham @fernandeznleluu We've been having identical dreams Beeker! What a sensational food-filled evening it was."

"@fernandeznleluu A fabulous dinner and delightful company! Thank you very much for such a fantastic evening! Xx"

"The most wonderful, the sweetest pho I can remember having, fantastic at @fernandeznleluu, love it! Lx"

"thank you so much for a super scrummy lovely night last nite...def the best secret supper club!!!!!"

"Just wanted to write and say what a wonderful time we had at yours last night : the environment was fab, the welcome warm, and the food - well, what can I say - it was super fantastic.  I have been thinking about it a lot today.....mmm.
My absolute favourites, though a tough choice, were the pea soup, and the tuna sashimi & chips.  Wonderful. Thank you again, and I really hope to return in not too long a time from now."

Blog Post: By Gourmet Lovers
Sarah: "Hi, I came last night and really enjoyed myself - the food was just amazing!"

Hayley: (From Qype Reviews)
"Now that I have experienced the full Fernandez & Leluu supper club experience I thought I would pop back and do a quick update to my review.

'WOW' is probably the best word to sum it up. I'd never been to a supper club before so I didn't really know what to expect, though having tasted some of Simon and Uyen's food before at the Qype / After Eight Jim Haynes event I knew that it would be to a high standard.
Let's just say I was not disappointed. The six courses were all absolutely delicious; in fact it baffles me how so much flavour can be packed into what could so easily be quite a simple little dish. I won't try and explain the intricacies of the menu as I could never do it justice, but here are the six courses we ate on our evening:

-Rice Pasta With Crispy Pork Belly & Cured Ham
-Beef Pho
-Chargrilled Lemongrass Pork Patties
-Seared Beef Salad With Lime, Coriander, Peanuts, Sugar Snap Peas & Chips
-Caramelised Catfish
-Coconut Sorbert

I must say I particulary enjoyed the Beef Pho (first time I had tried Pho - soooo tasty and more-ish) and the seared beef salad, which was accompanied by the most perfect bowl of chips I have ever tasted.
As ever, the hospitality was spot on and all of our fellow diners were very lovely and laid-back.
I wish I could give them six stars."

Nathan: "Thanks again for another brilliant nite!! Really appreciate you guys leaving out the garlic where poss for my Sis, who had a Fab time".

Blog Post By Things Wot I Have Seen
Maxine: "...just wanted to say thanks so much for a great night at yours the week before last. The food was fantastic, and was so nice to get chatting to lots of new people..."

Blog Post By The Chocolate Grape

May 2010
Sophie: "Thanks for a lovely dinner. We're thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the food was fabulous."

"hello fernandez and leluu!
i had dinner in your house yesterday, my name is helena and i was there with gemma, jack and ben.i just wanted to thank you for the fantastic evening: the food was amazing and it is so cool that you guys open your house to people the way you do. i hope to come round some other time soon!"

"...just wanted to write and say thank you SO much for such a brilliant evening!
Richard and I had a ball and that's before I mention the food - amazing! We had a blast, thank you so much!"

"Thank you for an amazing night!  It was absolutely delicious and we all had a great time."

"Thank you again for making our first Supper Club experience such a lovely one"

"Thank you both (and Mia too) for being such fantastic hosts and so nice of you to make stuff specially for Ed! We'll definitely try and plan to visit regularly (or keep nicking last min cancellation spots!)".

Gourmet Traveller 

April 2010
After Eights Event With Jim Haynes In Association With Qype

Qype Blog

London Eater: By Kang L

A Rather Unusual Chinaman: TehBus

The Grubworm

Qype Reviews

One Million Gold Stars

Domestic Sluttery

Life As She Knows It: By Hayley Dunlop

Billy's Booze

SianyLand: By Sian Mendes:
Jim Haynes A True Inspiration & Meeting Jim Haynes

Tamarind & Thyme: By Su-Lin

The Wine Sleuth

Bollocks To The Wellingtons

March 2010

A Pinch Of Salt: By Katy Salter

February 2010
Feast On Scraps By Laura Silver

Advice on attending on of Londons Supper Clubs By Simon Doggett of Burger Anarchy

"We had so much fun last night, everyone has been raving about it. Thank you thank you."

January 2010
One Million Gold Stars: New Year's Eve

Le Temps: Swiss Paper
January 2010

The London Foodie: New Years Eve

December 2009

TomEatsJenCooks: Revisited
London Supper Clubs

Gin And Crumpets
London Supper Clubs

The London Foodie
London Supper Clubs

The London Foodie Revisted

"We had a marvellous time yesterday, the food was sensational!"

"Thanks so much. I had a fun time and loved the food!"

"Just wanted to say thanks so much for a wonderful evening. Fab food, lovely company, really enjoyed myself."

"Wanted to say a massive thank you for the other night. I had an absolutely brilliant evening."

November 2009
"thanks so much or such a wonderful supper. It really was one of the best meals I have had for ages (food, ambience and all)."

London Supper Clubs

"Just to say thanks for Saturday. Impressive stuff. I have to say my favourite feature is sharing a table with strangers. I'm not sure it would have been so much fun for me if R and I had been stuck on a table for two in the corner, and god knows it would have been less fun for her...Compliments to the chef!"

The Princess And The Recipe
"A quick thanks for a fantastic evening - Uyen, Simon, the food was simply wonderful!"

"Thanks so much for a great evening. We particularly enjoyed the monkfish main with the squid ink risotto.  Not so sure about the garlic soup though- will give that another go to see if it's a taste that can be acquired. Some coffee at the end would have been nice, but the taste of the cardamom icecream was a winner."

Love Poppy

"Thank you so much for last night.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the food was superb!"

"Thank you for opening your home to us.  It was certainly one of the most enjoyable dinner experiences we've had for a long time and P perked right up even though he was feeling really under the weather that day.  I think you guys are brave to take on this venture and hope you will keep it up.  I will be keeping an eye out on your future menus, especially the Vietnamese cuisine nights."

"thanks so much for the other night, we had a lovely time and the food was fantastic - I especially enjoyed the sausage in cider and the chick peas"

"Thanks for supper club, i loved the food and met some really nice people, it was funny; there was only a slight bit of kind-of-blind-date awkwardness at the beginning when we introduced ourselves but the rest of the night it was just like eating with old friends. I would definitely like to come again "

The Londonist

How To Book / Attend

How To Book / Attend
Fancy getting stuck in? Click on the image above and to see how : ) . . . hope to see you soon.

More Techniques, Basics and Corker Recipes

More Techniques, Basics and Corker Recipes
If there's something you've tried at ferdiesfoodlab or a technique you want to know about drop us a line at and I'll put up a post about it!!


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