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Private Chef

We offer a bespoke menu for private functions, which can be held in the comfort of your home or in a venue of your choice. Outlined below is each stage of the process that will lead you and your guests to fabulous evening! (Darling!)

Simon (ferdie) will visit you in your home or chosen venue to discuss your requirements and expectations and to  assess the kitchen, dining area and general facilities.

A proposed menu will be drafted for your consideration and an initial budget put together including staffing and logistics considerations. Multiple threads to a menu, such as vegetarian - or adaptions such as no pork or seafood, no beef, allergies etc - can be accommodated, and labour and associated costs included accordingly.

The budget and menu will be refined to suit your taste and pocket including extra touches such as a curated cheeseboard and style of service. Once the details have been agreed, a non-refundable deposit which covers the staffing & logistics costs will need to be collected to confirm the event and go live - full steam ahead!!

We will be happy to either liaise with your wine supplier, or if you prefer to personally pair your wines, we can provide you with menu profiling to aid with your selection.

This is where the magic happens that you don’t see. We typically require 3 – 6 days to purchase the fresh ingredients and prepare the food and will require an interim payment of 50% of the estimated food cost.

We will typically arrive at your venue in the early afternoon well before the guests arrive. If necessary the day before or sooner depending on the size of the event.

Our staff will clear the venue / kitchens as discussed during the briefing & proposal. The balance should be transferred within 7days of the event.

We aim to create a fun and relaxed experience and for it to be a memorable event. Part of the briefing process is about us understanding how you would like to lean the menu, be it towards a particular theme, or to include some cultural bias. We tailor the food to your guests’ requirements creating a menu specially for your evening;  notwithstanding, as the brief tends to carte blanche, so does the freedom of expression you give us to create an evening of unique food for you and your guests! (bearing in mind allergies and belief systems of course)

Example Menus

~ private foodlab ~

salt cod doughnuts (buñuelos - caribean nikkei style)
reconstituted salt cod & parsley mixed into a light potato dough 
coated w/ prawn, pork scratching & panko
seasoned w/ onion, garlic & black pepper
(contains: fish, gluten, dairy)

fresh water prawns w/ watermelon gazpacho
lightly cooked shelled fresh water prawns served in a delicate watermelon gazpacho garnished with chives and chive oil
(contains: prawns / seafood)

duck liver parfait
light duck liver parfait & smoked apple gel served w/ butter croutons 
dressed w/ pea shoots, gherkins 
(contains: duck, dairy, gluten)

crispy chicken w/ grape & sage
crispy chicken coated with maple syrup and szechuan pepper oil 
served w/ grape, melon & chinese leaf salad
and topped w/ crispy sage
(contains: chicken)

champagne poached pears w/ burrata & jamon de bellota
pears lightly poached in champagne, orange & vanilla & gently charred 
served w/ burrata topped w/ champagne reduction & black pepper 
dotted w/ cured iberian ham & mixed green leaf & spring onion 
(contains: pork, dairy)

pork belly & cockscomb mint xiaolongbao
slow braised pork belly with crispy skin & cockscomb mint xiaolongbao
served w/ pork scratching spears wrapped in smoked pancetta, vietnamese balm jelly, red pepper puree, and cockscomb mint sauce
dressed w/ a light pork & coconut broth
(contains: pork, gluten)

lobster tail w/ cauliflower california, seabass ceviche 
& octopus carpaccio
lobster tail steamed over prosecco & lobster shells served on a bed of cauliflower california & presented with octopus carpaccio and seabass ceviche
(contains: crustacean / seafood, octopus, fish)

venison roasted w/ smoked pancetta, blueberries & beetroot
venison tenderloin wrapped in smoked pancetta,
roasted high & fast for maximum juiciness 
served w/ beetroot roasted in balsamic vinegar, thyme & rosemary, 
carrots & a berry sauce 
(contains: venison, pork, dairy)

creme brulee dressed japanese style
chocolate & yuzu creme brulee
served w/ hazelnut tipped orange & beetroot meringues & matcha truffles & matcha ice-cream (contains: hazelnuts, dairy, eggs)

~ private foodlab ~
cheese selection
picos blue - spain, asturian mountains - pasturised cows & goats milk 
cornish yarg - uk, corwall - raw cows milk
manchego - spanish, la mancha, villarejo - raw sheeps milk 
crottin de chavignol - france, loire valley, 
chavignol - raw goats milk la retorta - spain, extremadura - unpasturised sheeps milk

served with
membrillo, pan de dattes aux noix 
2 types of lingue, oat biscuits 
& fruit in season - figs and grapes 
(contains: dairy, nuts)

All meetings are recorded for training & security purposes.

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How To Book / Attend
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