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How To Book / Attend


To attend mail:
with the subject: bookings

and include the following info in your mail:

* Number of guests in your group
* Date on which you'd like to attend
* Guests names & emails
* Any allergies
* Mobile contact number (required for lead member only)

Please note *ALL* of the above information is required to complete your booking!

Where DEPOSITS are required they should be completed 7 DAYS BEFORE the relevant event!!!

Minimum suggested donation £45, BYO, wine pairing suggestions from our sommelier : )

Notes on allergies: could you include the gravity of the allergy please:
Scale, (for contamination and isolation purposes): I can pick around it . . . . I will go into shock with the slightest contamination.

If you have allergies or vegetarians in your group we need a minimum of 4 days notice. We don't accept any allergy / vegetarian bookings after 5PM the Tuesday before the event.

We DO NOT currently cater for gluten free at the banquet (for private parties a completely bespoke menu is available)

It would be lovely if you could include a little bit about your group to help us with seating, (and because it's interesting!!) and how you heard about us : )

When you book you are agreeing to the following:
- ferdiesfoodlab is NOT a restaurant, nor a wee intimate space, it's a de-formalised social banquet!
- produce is as fresh as possible, and it's possible that last minute changes to menu will be made.
- the spirit of the event is sharing and socialising.
- the suggested donation is a minimum of £45 per person.
- it's BYOB no corkage charges - you can have you're drinks delivered to the venue (deets w/ booking)

A comment frequently passed is that ferdiesfoodlab is "better than restaurant quality" this is because nothing that we serve has been sat in a fridge for 3 days on the off chance that someone will order it! Everything is bought specially for each event, and for each guest, and is therefor as fresh as can be! 

We buy top quality, fresh ingredients, and prepare them on the day (unless it requires a slow cooking, or marinating process) the quantities we buy are based on the bookings. We cannot buy most of our food at cost price as we are NOT a restaurant and cannot order enough - so therefore, our costs are very high, but by the same token the aim is that our quality is high also!

We would really like to welcome new guests who love food and enjoying eating with friends and strangers, enjoy!!

How To Book / Attend

How To Book / Attend
Fancy getting stuck in? Click on the image above and to see how : ) . . . hope to see you soon.

More Techniques, Basics and Corker Recipes

More Techniques, Basics and Corker Recipes
If there's something you've tried at ferdiesfoodlab or a technique you want to know about drop us a line at and I'll put up a post about it!!


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