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~ ferdiesfoodlab ~
(jun 16)

cube-abs w/ awesome sauce & garlic turkish bread
5hr slow roast rib of lamb, pulled pressed, cubed & coated in breadcrumbs
for the dip: a light blend of citrus & fresh herbs
served w/ garlic turkish bread
(contains: lamb, eggs, gluten)

filet roulette 2.0
playful twist on russian roulette - 2 elements of the roulette contain a killer hit of wasabi
roulette: filet steak w/ piquant red pepper puree & filet steak w/ squid ink wasabineizu
inner circle: yellow pepper, mayoneizu demi rolls & avocado, coriander demi rolls 
w/ enoki muchroom wrapped in charred pancetta & salmon nigiri
(contains: beef, cured salmon, pork, mushrooms, dairy, gluten free)

ham n eggs
rounds of king pig in a blanket (chorizo, black pudding & bacon)
w/ pea puree, pancetta crisps, baby plum tomatoes & pork scratchings
served w/ river cobbler & squid scotch egg coated in pork skin
(contains: pork, egg, gluten free, dairy free)

slow short ribs & cauliflower california
beef short rib braised for 3 hours w/ spice & citrus
served w/ cauliflower & fruit salad topped w/ toasted almonds
(contains: beef, gluten free)

treacle tart w/ pineapple & cardamom ice cream
 sumptuous treacle tart topped w/ pineapple & cardamom ice cream
served w/ spicy apricot sauce
(contains: dairy, eggs)

~ petit fours ~
salted caramel & peanut butter temptations
smooth lightly salted caramel & peanut butter centre
w/ dark chocolate exterior topped w/ a flake of salt
(contains: nuts, dairy, gluten free)

orange, beetroot & pistachio nougat
reduced juice of beetroot & orange blended though egg whites
to produce a light subtly flavoured nougat w/ toasted pistachios running through it
(contains: pistachios, eggs, gluten free)

~ ferdiesfoodlab ~
(may 16)

pea and basil soup w/ ham chunks & parmesan
petit pois finely blended w/ an onion reduction & fresh basil
topped w/ crispy ham hock
(contains: pork)

purple salmon
beetroot cured salmon w/ horseradish parfait 
served w/ an orange and beetroot reduction and red pepper puree
(contains: salmon, dairy)

green bomb w/ hot & sour cucumber spaghetti
the green bomb is a crispy coated little beastie filled w/ herbs, spices & vegetarian haggis
served w/ shredded cucumber dressed asian style 
(contains: eggs, gluten, dairy)


beef wellington w/ cauliflower california
a classic fillet of beef on a duxelle base wrapped in flakey pastry
served w/ spiced cauliflower fruit salad w/ almonds & red pepper & beetroot puree
(contains: beef, egg, nuts, gluten)

butterscotch clouds & raspberry sorbet
butterscotch creme patisier, various meringues,
served w/ a raspberry & grenadine sorbet
raspberries, pomegranate & passion fruit 
there’s rum (baba direction)
(contains: dairy, gluten, eggs)

~ petit fours ~

coffee bean chocolates, black olive ganache & sweet cherries
roasted coffee beans coated in dark chocolate,
black olives & salted caramel coated in milk chocolate,
fresh succulent cherries

~ ferdiesfoodlab ~
(oct 15)

spicy arancini croquettes w/ spring onion dip & red pepper puree
lightly spiced crispy arancini croquette w/ spring onion dip
served on a bed of sweet lemon dressed rocket
(contains: mushroom, gluten, dairy)

carpaccio of seared fillet of beef served w/ rocket & lemon emulsion
classic entre, a fillet of beef is first seared then thinly sliced and presented 
w/ rocket and a lemon emulsion & wasabi mayo
(contains: beef, egg)

miso leak & wakame seaweed tart w/ curly endive salad
gently sautéed leeks seasoned w/ white miso
baked in a delicate crunchy seaweed pastry
served w/ red curly endive in a mirin dressing accompanied by a coriander suspension
(contains: dairy, eggs, gluten)

pa amb tomaquette
rack of rose veal w/ cauliflower california
responsibly sourced aged french trimmed seared rack of rose veal
served w/ cauliflower & fruit salad topped w/ toasted almonds. . . 
(our rose veal comes from RSPCA approved sources. The calves live normal lives on a grass-fed diet until they  are between 8 and 12 months, giving the meat a lovely pink colour. its then dry-age on the bone for 14 days.)
(contains: beef, gluten free)

rhubarb & plum tart w/ milk ice cream & orange powder
tart rhubarb balanced w/ pomegranate, plums and spiced w/ cardamom
served w/ milk ice-cream & topped w/ orange powder
(contains: dairy, gluten)

~ petit fours~

cocoa almonds
sugar & cocoa crystal coated roast almonds
(contains: almonds)

white chocolate & cinder toffee ganache
playground style white chocolate w/ cinder toffee & roast almonds
(contains: nuts, dairy)

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