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recipe: broad bean pancake

great way to make an egg free pancake & use up broad bean shells!
broad bean pancake
great way to make an egg free pancake & use up broad bean shells!
IngredientsMakes: 220g - Serves: 2
200g broad bean & tomato soup (recipe below)
80g flour
40g water
3g yeast
10g sugar
10g butter
Mix the flour, water, yeast & sugar into a smooth paste then add it to the soup.
Whisk until the paste is fully incorporated and leave for 30mins or until doubled in size.
Heat a large flat pan to high and melt some butter on the surface.
Pour in half the mix and spread into a round pancake with a spatula.
Turn the heat down to medium and wait until the pancake has set enough to toss, then flip it to cook the other side.
For gluten free vegan version use oil to cook with instead of butter & your favourite gluten free flour.

broad bean & tomato soup
soup made w/ broad bean shells & tomatoes
IngredientsMakes: 685g - Serves: 2
60g EVO
8g garlic
2g fennel seeds
100g onions
240g tomatoes
4g salt
600g water
300g broad bean shells
5g mustard powder
Lightly fry the fennel seeds & garlic for about a minute then add the onions and a lid then turn the heat down to medium.
Cook until the onions are soft then add the tomato & salt & cook for another 5mins.
Use a potato peeler to shell the broad beans removing the stringy bits in the process.
Keep the beans for something else.
Chop the broad bean shells into cm chunks, this helps them cook but also means the stick blender won't get tangled with missed stringy bits!
Add the water bean & mustard and bring to the boil with a lid on.
Once boiling set to simmer & leave for 20mins.
Remove from the heat to a wooden board & blend smooth with a stick blender.
Pass through a sieve. Use as required.
Pimp w/ a little soft cheese & butter, serve w/ crusty roll or garlic bread.

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