Monday 5 October 2009

Secret Italian Job

Saturday 3rd October
Our opening night. It was not the first time Simon nor I had fed 19 people. In fact, we have both cooked for a lot more but it was the first time we had tried to do like they do in a restaurant.

We had spent many previous days and nights prepping, cooking, shopping, organising, inviting friends, chasing up on friends and cleaning. Dividing tasks between the two of us and promising not to bicker was extremely helpful and efficient. Nothing like good team work!

Simon was responsible for all the food from listing it to knowing how much to buy, budgeting and shopping. (And cooking it all superbly).

My job was to turn the flat into a restaurant. Making sure that we had enough crockery and cutlery for the 9 courses we going to be dishing out. Enough chairs and tables to making a itunes playlist, sorting out the garden as a smoking area etc.


Chicken Spiedini - With Lemon Thyme (there was not a bit of chicken left on the tables)
Salmon Mayo & Chives Dip
Blushed Tomatoes Basil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Pea & Basil Soup - (one of the favourite dish of the evening)
Meatballs In Cider With Prunes & Apple (clean clean plates, we could use these guests as dish washers hehe )
Baked Goats Cheese and Figs (the room made a hmmmmm noise)

Tiger King Prawns, Tomatoes, Garlic, White Wine & Parsley With Linguine (we are not doing this again - too many shells and made us run out of bowls as forgot about needing finger bowls - yum though)

Carpaccio Fillet Rolled in Fresh Black Peppers Served With Rocket & Lemon Salad (the nicest we ever had)

Orange & Vodka Panna Cotta With Berry Sauce (so many comments from people wanting it to be only vanilla to people loving the vodka and orange. Over all, everyone loved it and ate it all!)

I couldn't believe that at exactly 7pm on the dot, I had just finished writing the menu on the French mirror when the door bell started to go off and all the guests turned up. The place was surely ready for everyone but it was like being on Ready Steady Cook, putting the finishing touches at the last second when the bells rings.

I served all our guests drinks and showed them to their seats with their name cards already in place and began our Italian mission. It was a hit in the end and everyone was very happy.
The evidence being most of the plates coming back clean. And Simon got on a real high about how everyone complimented everything he had made!

Simon will be posting his recipes when he gets a chance so you can cook his great dishes at home and impress your friends as we will be serving different menus and food for each supper night. We would want you to re create and enjoy good food, coming back to our supper club for a great night as well as getting more inspiration.

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