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Monday 26 October 2009

Autumn Lamb Banquet

-Egyptian Beetroot Dip with Paprika, Coriander & Cinnamon

-Parsley, Sage & Thyme Country Terrine Of Bacon, Chicken Liver & Port
-Artisan Mushrooms in Butter & White Wine
-Pan Fried Lemon & Garlic Chicken
-Autumn Salad w/ Pomegranate, Pears & Apples
-5 Hour Slow Roast Lamb w/ Roast Potatoes, Vegetable and Curly Kale
-Chili Chocolate Topped Lime Mousse

5 Hour Slow Roast Lamb
1 whole shoulder of lamb
3 carrots
4 onions
1 parsnip
½ bunch rosemary (about 15g)
¼ bunch thyme (about 8 stalks)
½ bulb garlic
1.5 stock cubes
extra virgin olive oil

Slice garlic and insert into meat with rosemary.
Place thyme spread evenly whole stalks and cut veg, and stock in tray add water up to 1.5 inches.
Put in the shoulder of lamb drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and season with salt and pepper.
Cover with tin foil – this keeps the lamb moist and stops it drying out.
Roast for 4 hours @ 180°C. Turn once after 2 hours.
Remove the shoulder and separate jous from onions and veg.
For the last hour roast at 240°C, tuning the meat twice, and adding stock - that was removed – a little at a time. Only enough to stop things burning, this last hour is to crisp up the meat and veg and give them a lovely golden colour and partially caramelize the onions.
Makes a great centre piece served whole and carved at the table.

Our third supper night was another hit! I didn't know anyone. Simon knew one person. The guests were mainly big groups of friends - turned out to be a great girls night out that I, myself, was envious that I could not sit with them all and enjoy a quality time together. It really made me miss my friends who are now dispersed right across Europe- Anja in Berlin, Fatima in Barcelona, Dirk in Frankfurt, Bela in Zurich, Aggie only in Highbury but is always away.

They appeared to have such a good time, chatting, chatting non stop about their lives. It felt like some got so deeply in conversation and were given support and love back as you would expect at a get together. Perhaps great bonds had been created and established or re-kindered. The room felt full of atmosphere, friendship and love.

Two groups of friends who coincidently booked to come on the same night, a girls night out, a date, a mother & daughter (fellow supper clubbers - Joginder Supper Club) & a reviewer of our home restaurant. How lucky we are to have such lovely people enter our home.

These pictures, although taken before the event remind me of all their ghosts - (though highly under pressure at the time) I really enjoyed serving each guest and remember the delightful faces of each I bought food to and where they had all sat.

The menu seemed to be enjoyed by all - we gave doggie bags to all those who couldn't finish the roasted lamb and stayed talking with all the guests til the early hours. We were invited to go to The Dolphin Pub nearby (my karaoke suggestion) which we normally would never turn down but we were just completely completely exhausted.

We managed to have a really nice meal afterwards - where I thought - we still have so much to learn and master but still so proud of us already- we created a really nice place.

2am - eating all the leftovers



"Thanks for a great evening. Supper club was amazing ...
The doggy bags were great, thanks. Hate to waste good food. Looking forward to saturday and seeing you again!


"That was fantastic thank you so much both of you, so much fun! Proper langourous leisurely feast. Bring on the next one!"

"Fantastic food and great company last night...You guys did an incredible job. Better than restaurant quality"

Agreed! Thanks for an amazing meal - can't wait for the next one!"

"Saira and I had a fantastic evening and will be sending some photos soon. Fantastic food."

"thank you for a really good evening. We thoroughly enjoyed the food and the company. We will be back!

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