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Friday 1 April 2016

Recipe: Chicken Kaffir (No Fat, Low Carb Super Tasty Broth - 500kcal)

If you’ve ever suffered on one of those low carb diets but want to see it through and want a big feed packed with flavour, veg and protein then this broth is an absolute H E R O of a dish!! Even better it takes 20 minutes to make! Well, basically how ever long you can last waiting for the flavours to infuse into the broth!

Sometimes a little coconut milk can go a long way in terms of flavour. Quite a lot of calories in a whole tin though so you will never get through all of it. (Snork, slurp wipes coconut milk out of eyebrows, sideways look.) So the good old freeze it in an ice cube tray trick works a treat!! (They are however surprisingly hard to get out!!)


ingredients (serves 1 - very hungry person)
for the broth
600ml water
20g dashi miso
1 chicken stock
3 kaffir lime leaves (bruised)
1 large clove garlic
1 lemon grass (bruised)
2 large shiitake mushrooms (stalk off then sliced)
1/2 birdeye chilli (long one)
2 king prawns (buterflied)
15g ponzu
1-2 blocks light coconut milk (optional luxury - 30g each)
squeeze lime

for the cucumber noodles
120g cucumber (about 1/3 - julienned / mandolin)
1 spring onion (chopped)
4g coriander (chopped)
4g mint (picked, chopped)
touch of salt & lime 

for the dark lime dressing (120ml)
40g palm sugar
40g dark soy
40g lime

for the chicken
1 chicken breast 
15g dark lime dressing

for the garnish
mixed sesame seeds
maitake / enoki mushroom
chilli (sliced)

Put every thing but the prawns, coconut milk, ponzu & lime, into a pot and bring it to the boil then simmer for 20-30mins.
Butterfly the prawns and add them and the (optional) coconut milk. Mix in well then season with ponzu and lime juice. Remove the shiitake stalks and lemon grass before serving.

cucumber noodles
Mix the ingredients and dress with a little lime and a tiny amount of salt.

dark lime dressing
Put all the sugar and dark soy into a microwavable container and heat for 30-40 seconds. 
Stir the mix until the sugar is dissolved then mix in the lime juice. It should have lower notes of molasses in the flavour.

Butterfly the chicken breast, this will allow it to cook quickly and without loosing too much moisture which is important if you’re not using any oil. As soon as it’s cooked add the dark lime dressing (or ponzu or teriyaki). Slice it up just before adding to the broth so it stays warm and moist.

to serve
Place cucumber noodles into bowl, add chicken and pour on the steaming broth.
Dress w/ sesame seeds, small mushroom & chilli if you like a little heat. Serve immediately.

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