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Friday 25 March 2016

Recipe (Experiment): Half Pound Smoked Paprika Beef Burger

It’s not often I have a burger for dinner. I think it’s because I associate them with Elvis and toilets. My weight’s always been a bit, well . . .  all over the place really so they’re in the guilty pleasure category!!! Anyway I put this one together after spending most of the day in ‘the zone’ writing. I’d not really got around to eating and I’d decided to crack open a bottle of wine around 9PM by the time I’d finished the first glass, I decided to hit the kitchen!! I’d heard rumours of a 4 layer burger that had been made the night before by one of the housemates. So when I hit the kitchen, I did so possessed by raging burger envy!! 

This was the result . . . 

On the drawing board!
ingredients (serves 2 animals or makes 4 1/4 pounders)

for the burger (makes 2 half pounders)
500g of minced beef (20% fat)
10g / 2 tsp smoked paprika salt (50/50 salt/smoked paprika)
2 brown cap / shiitake mushroom (fine dice)
1 medium onion (fine dice)
3 cloves garlic (minced)
25g butter
50ml oil
2 tsp porridge oats
2 tbsp fish sauce
1 egg (optional - see notes)

for the bun, extras & garnish
2 large soft burger buns (brioche with sesame if you can get them!!!)
2 large gherkins
1 really ripe beef tomato (sliced)
150g brie (skin off)
4 slices thick cut smoked bacon (streaky if you prefer)
100g mayonaise
20g coriander (fine chop)
30g fried shallots (thai style)

apparatus / equipment
Steamer with a plate on top (optional - keep things warm before assembly)

Add the butter and oil to a pan on a medium heat, once the butter has melted and started to brown slightly add the onions and cook until translucent. Then add the mushroom and garlic and cook until the onions are caramelised and the mushroom is reduced. It’ll look similar to a duxelles. That it the most complicated step done!

Mix the rest of the burger ingredients together and check the seasoning by frying a tiny piece of the mix, once your happy with it
put the mix aside for 20 mins, while you collect the other ingredients together.

Mix the mayo and coriander, and set aside. Then prep the rest of the ingredients, the tomato and gherkins should be at room temperature, as should the burger mix!

For the best results it’s important to keep all your ingredients warm once they’re cooked so your burger is hot and juicy when it’s assembled! I use a plate sat on top of a steamer, specially if I’m making a lot of these for friends!

Shape burgers and cook those first on a medium high heat. These are BIG ***king BURGERS *** so slowly does it!
Once ready pop them onto the steamer plate to keep warm.

Then the bacon. Add the cheese on top of the bacon after it’s been turned. Put it with the burgers once ready.

Deglaze the pan with a touch of white wine (about 75ml) and add a knob of butter (25g) reduce this and dip the top of each bun in the sauce, then add the bottoms and toast insides of the buns in the pan until brown.

Time to assemble, quickly and accurately . . .  err . . . .sorta!

what could go wrong? (notes) 
You could get caught eating it, and get a right *ollocking from the other half for not sharing! ; )
You eat more than one of these during any 6 month period and put on 40lbs!! Yikes.

to serve
Assemble and serve on hot plates. (with napkins it’s messy)

A touch of sriracha chilli sauce mixed with the coriander mayo layer is pretty good!
Next time I make this I think I’ll try it without the egg mixed in. 
Better with shitake mushrooms, but they were out at the store.
Brie is an unusual choice for a burger but it worked really well, nothing to stop you from using the cheese of your choice. It’s got to be one that melts nicely!!
Beetroot & horseradish sauce goes really well with beef, switching the coriander mayo for it makes for such a good burger.

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