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Friday 8 April 2016

Recipe: Embezzlers Chicken (w/ Honey 'n' Mustard)

I was rather pleased when I was introduced to this recipe. The chicken is portioned, which means it cooks quickly and has more surface area for the honey glaze to coat! It’s such a simple recipe and really very tasty! It goes rather, well with cardamom rice or roast potatoes depends on your mood! If you interested knowing how this recipe got it’s name why not come along to the supper club and ask me : )

In the mean time here’s the recipe. . .

ingredients (serves 2 - 4)
for the chicken
1 chicken (portioned)
2 onions (peeled, cut into eighths)
1 large bulb garlic (halved)
2 sprigs rosemary (bruised)
1 lemon (zest, pith cut off, sliced)

for the glaze
200g clear runny honey
100g english mustard
150g soy sauce

Preheat your oven to 180C.
Portion the chicken into quarters, then each quarter in half to give you eight pieces.
Use a high sided baking tray as it needs to hold the juices in! 
Prep the rest of the ingredients and place them all into the baking tray. 
Mix all the glaze ingredients together and pour over the chicken pieces.
Place into the oven, after 20 minutes toss the ingredients to re-coat them and return to the oven.
Repeat this process after another 20 minutes. 
After another 20 minutes the chicken should be cooked an the coating sticky, repeat once more if it needs it.
Finally add a little white wine and water (250ml) to the baking tray and mix it in to loosen the sticky sauce on the edges.
Mix them into the sauce.
Place the tray onto the table and let folk help themselves!

This is also quite a nice way to do pork loin. Cut the loin into 4 inch pieces, sear it to brown and follow the above recipe turning it every 15minutes and removing it after 45minutes. Any longer and it will be very dry.

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