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Saturday 10 November 2012

Supper lip Club for Movember @ferdiesfoodlab

Salmon Parfait Forrest
served w/
Rosemary Bread

Morcilla & Apple Tart w/ Green Leaves Dressed w/ Champaign & Vanilla


Yum Salaad . . . (Cambodiam Inspired Chorizo & Celeriac Salad)

Slow Roast Crispy Pork Belly w/ Cockscomb Wontons & Lychee / Braeburn Slice  
served w/
Pan Asian Sushi: Shitake Mushroom Maki, Ho Fun Rolls w/ Nem Chua , Shrimp & Crab Roll, Viet Pancake Bites

Millionaire Cake w/ Bitter Thyme Orange & Salted Caramel

Roast Almonds and Salted Lemon Fudge

Of course ferdiesfoodlab would be nothing without our guests! : )

was a really nice night!
deep in conversation

 As usual, super guests make super vibe and tonight was no exception!!! Thank you so much everyone!! XX


At the end of each supper club we leave comment cards for feedback - helps us improve the evening, all feed back is helpful. Here's what folk said:

Loved the salmon and the tart (first time eating black pudding - mmmm)

Very good. Maybe main course not in a bowl, but 9/10 for everything else.

Execellent night thank you!! Loved the pastry course - THANKS

Fantastic!  (less pork next time)

I have do confess was quite a porky menu!! I'll change that for the next one!! - ferdie

The food was fantastic, morcilla was amazing. I enjoyed the relaxed nature of the evening, and did I say the food was amazing!

Very Impressed. I'm a big fan of black pudding so loved the morcilla + atmosphere was very relaxed. All in all a hugely enjoyable night wilt great food Thank You.

The Location - Adgate East - Underground!!!

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