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Sunday 11 November 2012

Recipe: How To Throw A Supper 'Lip' Club for Movember

by Simon Fernandez of ferdiesfoodlab for Movember

All donations of £10 or more to ferdiesfoodlab Mo Space  are entered in our the prize draw! (unless anonymous of course!)

 PRIZE: 2 SEATS at the head of the ferdiesfoodlab banquet, any available date! (worth £100)

To donate check out the ferdiesfoodlab Mo Space 

Current entrants: 0     Chance of winning: 100%

Even if you only pledge a fiver via the ferdiesfoodlab Mo Space it will really help, every pledge counts!! 

If you want to throw a supper club - a supper fun way to fundraise -  First of all sign up for your own Mo Space here, and click register. This will allow you to collect donations!

Throwing a supper club is simple if you get all your
Mo Bros & Mo Sistas involved! Here's the basics

skinning the fish for the Ceviche

ingredients (serves as many as you want!)
for the supper
some drinks,
some people, 

a menu idea (recipes in Movember book - see here)
some food
a fat chunk of NASA ('nice and safe attitude' or 'naise an saif ackitude' as Joy would say!!)
and somewhere to eat together

for the garnish
couple more drinks
some righteous tunes, aye!

a little conversation!!

When I were a lad . . . . . . all we had was a  ZX spectrun with 48Kb of RAM
apparatus / equipment
spatula for keeping naughty
Mo Bros & Mo Sistas in check, spank!

wooden spoon with cake mix on (carrot is often better than a spatula)

Table's ready - guests are all pitching in!!


Get all your Mo Bros & Mo Sistas to come early and help you with the prep and the cooking (good for social bonding innit).
Make sure everyone has a drink and a job and the tunes are flowing.
It doesn't have to be 6 courses, rack and mac and a sticky toffee pudding will do (maybe add a green starter).

Rack and Mac . . . . sings with delight, lush!
thinking ahead 
Don't forget to have a camera, to catch the fun.
Make sure the shopping is done and the drinks are in before the Mo Bros & Mo Sistas arrive! (doesn't hurt if they bring a few drinks of course!)
Sounds easy right? But you won't be laughing when you've run out of gin and tonic, and you realise you don't have any pork shoulder! Someone's going to have to go for replacements and necessaries!!! (never happened at the foodlab! ahem cough!)

Nice Mo Bro!

what could go wrong? (notes)
* You forget to tell everyone it's for Movember and give them a link to your MO SPACE so they can donate.

* You're completely battered before you've done all the required prep, could get messy! Get all your chopping done early!

* Somehow I didn't raise any Mo!! Make sure everyone knows it's for Movember

Don't forget to have a little fun along the way - it's for a good cause - MOVEMBER

to serve 

Make sure your plates are warm and everyone has something to eat that agrees with them!! ENJOY and remember to give!

techniques used 

A little bit of love . . . always : ) 
Some camaraderie. 
A little showboating - where appropriate!
A little lubrication - right from the start (very shortly after the love), fix the Mo Bros & Mo Sistas a wee dram as they arrive!

Thanks for coming Mo Bros & Mo Sistas Big smiles, CHEERS!!!!!


Please donate here!
Create your own Mo Space HERE!

~ menu ~ 

Sustainable White Fish Ceviche Edamame

Arroz al Horno w/ con Verduaras (Asparragos y Judías) y Salsa Picante

Dessert Cointreau Sorbet


(recipes in the book)
SOME SUGGESTIONS (some with recipe links)

Perfectly formed Baps (use 90g for pictured)


Will You Marry Me - Slow Roast Lamb and Roasties

Nothing like a fresh loaf of Homemade Bread - use 700g of this dough in a loaf tin for a lovely bit of bread!

Pan Fried Duck Breast w/ Vegetable Green Curry & Noodles - use your imagination for the green curry!!

It's the little touches that can make a dish, we use Micro Shrimps fried in clarified butter to garnish our Vietnamese pancake sushi. Crispy little fellas went down quite well! 

Two tone Mac and Cheese - Tomato on the bottom and a gorgeous Cheese Sauce on the Top!! (post coming) There was a lot of complaining when I cooked this for an unsuspecting person who shall remain nameless - needless to say plate was clean on return!!! : )

Smoked River Cobbler, Plaice & Salsa Picante w/ Coriander Black Rice and Wonton Crisp Salad


Rack of Lamb - Classic, simple, tasty!
Rub with a little oil and salt, sear in a heavy based roasting tin, until golden (pic) roast for 15-20min @ 200C

No mate! On the front of your face!! Your Mo's gone east!

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