Thursday 4 November 2010

Champagne Poached Pears w/ Vanilla.

by ferdie

For all you guys and gals who came to the Unearthed event we hosted for Action Against Hunger who've been sending lots of very complimentary emails asking how to make these here you go, hugs to all.

Lovely for picnics as light desserts or to accompany cheeses or charcuterie. They're so healthy and tasty, like sunny fruit orchard washing over your taste buds : )

Even better, it's simplicity to make.

4 pears
400ml Champagne (sparkling white wine is fine, I actually used Cava)
1 vanilla pod
125g sugar    (keep 25g for sprinkling)
200ml orange juice

Put all the ingredients, except the pears in a sauce pan.
Turn the heat on full to bring the ingredients to the to the boil, stirring occasionally until the sugar is dissolved.
While the pan comes to the boil, peel, quarter and core the pears.
Bring to simmer, and add the pears to the sauce and simmer for 20mins or until the pears are soft. (test with a knife)
Once ready, pour the juice into a glass storage jar, take the pears and put them on a heat proof tray.
Sprinkle the remaining sugar over them and caramelise with a blow torch, trying not to burn the sugar.
Add them to the jar in which they will be served with a spoon.

Poach the pears with the vanilla, orange, and Cava.

Lay the poached pears out and sprinkle, ready for blow torching!!
Heat with torch until the sugar bubbles and sear the edges for flavour and presentation.
Pot the pears in the juice, leave to cool before closing.
For the vanilla bean cut along the centre length ways. Try not to cut through both sides.
Put the tip of the knife into the cut and twist to open up the edges and holding the end scrape along.
The knife will open the bean at the same time as removing the seeds.

You can find the whole 7 course menu we served here.

Image Luiz Hara


  1. They were SOOOOO good! Thanks for the recipe, I might give it a try.... will it be nice also without the blow torch (which I don't possess and also should not considering my degree of clumsiness, I might just burn down the house!)

  2. Thank you Thank you!!This is going in my special recipe book where I only write the best and my most favourite things. xx

  3. Thanks Ute ;) the blowtorching bring out the lines of the pears for presentation and the caramelizing adds a little depth of flavour to the pears. The lovely juice on the other hand will be unaffected. I but some blowtorch tips here (

    Hey Debs, no problem! Love to share the love, I'm very disorganised at it though! ;)

  4. These were one of the highlights of the night - my attempt did not even come close last night. What sort of pears did you use - regular conference ones?

    They were just so poised as a dish. i could have carried on eating them all night long.

  5. These were just genius and the best dish of the evening. Very good of you to share your recipe but with my kitchen skills, I'd probably burn down my flat if I tried making these!

  6. These were lush - I would buy some if they were available, but I suppose I'd better dust off the flamethrower and make my own!

  7. I made these a couple nights ago and served with burrata in addition to the pears and ham - amazing! Your recipe made me get off my bum and go buy a blowtorch - I've been blowtorching pretty much all my food ever since...


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