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Monday 22 November 2010

Shacklewell Nights

By Leluu
There is something happening to the London food scene and its fantastic! Obviously the supper club phenomenon has hit it and it’s changing the way we are interacting. Like how technology has changed the way we have interacted over the years – from snail mail to email to social networking. The way we are eating out has blossomed like a wild red rose.

Last weekend, we took some time off to spend with our foodie friends and support other ones who have their own ventures in supper clubbing.
As our dear, Vintage Macaroon is leaving to live in her native Australia, she booked a table to eat at Shacklewell Nights which is run by Claire Roberson from Green Onions who has teamed up with Jonathan Woolway to formulate ‘hidden dinning’- cross pop up in-between-restaurant-/supper-club events at a top floor warehouse in Dalston.
Wonderful Claire Roberson
We entered into a gorgeous environment of people mingling around chatting to each other as if it’s an actual event or a private party. Everybody comes with an open mind and a great willingness to integrate with other people. Only one or two years ago, integration was out of the question unless it’s a private party!

The atmosphere was brilliant; there was a bar, lovely waitresses, nice random furnishings (just my style), great lighting, nice cutlery and crockery – a welcoming and happy place that you’d want to spend an evening in.

I have gotten to know Claire a bit since we first came to her supper club (post here) -Green Onions. I just think that its amazing how she has done this, managed to fill the place out with 72 guests over and over. Claire is very entrepreneurial and we are all really looking forward to whatever she does.

LibbieLush, Vintage Macaroon and I were sat next to three very handsome boys – who had in fact been to our supper club before. Nikhil, Nick and Jamie who were also big fans of The London Foodie and didn’t realize he were sitting on our table too. They were best pleased – also to be introduced to Dr G too – they were clapping like penguins in their minds. We talked about why single, straight men do not really get together to go to these dinner events like girls do and congratulated them on being clever enough! It’s the best place to meet women – I tell you boys! Get your skates on!

To eat, we had:

Smoked Eel & Celeriac

Watercress, Braised Beef & Swede
Chocolate Terrine

Neal Yards Cheese Plate with Hackney Chutney
It all tasted really good, the idea of the sharing plates were great – doing this just brings us all closer together and breaks the boundaries of social conventions. However, I have a big appetite and should have asked for seconds. Instead, I got totally drunk on the boy’s port, their promo whisky and all of our red wine! Was not feeling too hot the next day! This is only happening because I am in my thirties! Got to get that dang time machine working!
£40 min donation per person


  1. Great post, still drooling over that wonderful ox cheeks, I could have done with some seconds to be honest, had the most horrendous hangover on Saturday.

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

  2. Ok, the hangover comments aren't selling it to me but everything else is ;)

    I'm sure we'll find ourselves joining in before too long so will keep an eye out for announcements!

  3. I read your posts regularly, keep an eye on your fantastic creative menu's and watch your ever changing mixture of hip diners! It's all just inspiring, exciting and I'd love something like this to take off in 'sleepy' Cornwall.
    I run a small B&B in Falmouth 'sixteen falmouth'. My plan during the quiet months are to organise secret suppers here in our dining room. I've held just a few secret suppers seating a maximum of about 20 people. Please see our facebook page 'falmouth supper club'. I'd love some pointers or advice on how to get this off this exciting supper club off the ground?
    I will continue to watch your site with interest
    Greetings from falmouth

  4. @ Keith and Lolli
    It was a really fun night enjoyed mingling, and popping back and forth from the smoking couches to meet the every varying folks! I loved the smoked eel was lovely and flvour combined nicely with the horseradish and shredded celeriac! Your Korma recipe looks sticky and lush BTW ;)

    @ Cornish Cook
    Place looks lovely! Just drop me or Uyen a line or uyen@...

  5. Lovely photos Uyen. Thanks for making my night special. I'm with Luiz, I could have had another plate full of those ox cheeks thay were so good!

  6. This looks like a great event - i have read about supper clubs, but i am not living in the UK at the moment. It makes me want to move back to London right now!!

  7. Had a fantastic evening at this supper and I also was quite hung over the next day. Can't wait for the next one! Everyone was very sociable and friendly and that put me at ease. I was a bit worried I might be a bit intimidated by the big foodies that were there. I honestly couldn't have been more happy at the end of the night (especially after the whiskey)!

  8. @thelondonfoodie
    those ox cheeks were so nice!!!

    @keith & Lolli
    Ferdie replied to you x

    Love Cornwall, if we are ever lucky to go please let us into your supper club. thank you so much for reading our blog! : )

    @Vintage Macaroon
    Thank you! I love taking pictures! And You too x

    Come back - just for a holiday even! You'll love supper clubs! x

    Foodies spoodies - Glad you had fun too, were you there when we were there? Anyhow, hope we will see you somewhere - had such fun that night ! x

  9. It sounds like it was a really great event - I must get myself to the next one...

  10. Cute boys and food which looks out of this world - I certainly must try it soon...


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