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Monday 1 March 2010

Pick 'N' Mix

Our twentieth and twenty- first supper club events were held this last days of February. We thought we would experiment with colourful food and themed it as 'Pick N Mix'. Some people thought that this theme was about making old favourite and successful dishes for our 21st Birthday - good idea - we should have done that!

But we didn't, we thought we would create something new altogether and still live a little dangerously. Once we have tried menus and discover that if they are successful, we just like to live by the edge of the sword and try new things. After all, we are so lucky to have full bookings and guests are all willing to try our experiments.

Despite working on it all week, and prepping all day and night for two days before hand, Fernandez & Leluu were once known again for being 'not fast food'. On the first evening, our guests had to wait a long time in between courses. We are so sorry about that. Although we should be much more experienced by now, we managed to be like when we first started - mismanaging time completely!

But, importantly,  I think everyone still really liked the food and had a great time. We almost got it right on the second night (the last course was a bit delayed). Overall, we had such a great time doing Pick N Mix. It was and always is very tiring and loads of hard work but its really rewarding to see happy faces enjoy our food and to be experimental with our cooking.

Many clinks of glasses came between Simon and I, congratulating ourselves for making it, sticking with it and still enjoying it, loving it. We love food!

Over curry at Tayyabs, we read a great review from Feast On Scraps - now thinking about writing a post about my collection of our social atmosphere at the supper club.

(Beetroot, Red Cabbage & Goats Cheese Salad In Honey Soy Dressing)

Friday 26th & Saturday 27th February 2010
-Sweetcorn Veloute w/ Chorizo Foam
-Fish And Chips
-Beetroot, Cabbage and Goats Cheese Salad
-Black Risotto W/Squid
-Rack of Lamb with Butternut Squash Terrine and Mustard Cabbage
-Croissant Butter Pudding
or Chocolate Custard Slice W/ Pick N Mix Sweets
(Rack Of Lamb W/ Lemon Thyme)
(Butternut Squash Terrine)


(Chorizo - For Chorizo Foam On Sweetcorn Soup)

(Our Famous Fish & Chips)
 (Black Risotto W/ Calamari & Pink Salmon Mayo)

(Chocolate Custard Slice With Pick N Mix)

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like another wonderful evening! I am really looking fwd to seeing you again on 12th March!

    Luiz @ The London Foodie


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