Thursday 18 February 2010

Lunar New Year - Welcoming Tigers

(Sticky Chicken Wings)

Fri 12th / Sat 13th February 2010

-The King's New Year Sticky Rice Cake Slices w/ Pork Belly & Yellow Bean, 
Vietnamese Ham & Pickled Shallots

-Steamed Rice Ho Fun Sheets w/ Cured Ham, Pork Belly & Coriander & 
Sweet Basil - w/ Sweet & Chilli Fish Sauce

-Pork & Prawns Won Ton Soup

-Sticky Pork Loin & Sticky Chicken Wings w/ Pak Choi & Prawn Crackers

-Roll Your Own Baked Talapia In Soy Sauce, Spring Onions 
& Ginger w/ Rice Paper & Herbs

-Duck With Orange & Star Anise W/ Steamed Rice

-Sweet Yellow Bean & Coconut Rice Dumplings w/ Ginger Syrup & Seasame
(Sticky Rice Cakes In Banana Leaf)
(Fried Sticky Rice Cakes)

(Steamed Rice Ho Fun Sheets w/ Cured Ham, Pork Belly & Coriander & Sweet Basil - w/ Sweet & Chilli Fish Sauce)
(Cured Vietnamese Sour Ham)
(Chilli seeds for sauce- Disgard unless you like it hot : ))

(Won Ton Pastry)
(Won Ton Noodle Soup (we didn't serve noodles though)

(Lovely Sticky-ness) 

(Baked Talapia With Onions, Garlic, Lemongrass & Ginger)  

(Duck With Orange & Star Anise W/ Steamed Rice)


Additional Photography By Our Lovely Guest - Elisabet S

It is traditional to wear red on New Year's to bring luck and to eat to your heart's content in celebration with good friends and family to bring good fortune and prosperity.

You must pay off all your debts and spring clean your home to close chapters of your past and welcome new experiences and good luck. Out with the old and in with the new.

Your New Year's Day must be filled with fun and happiness. Whatever you do in this day is believed to reflect your entire year - so don't argue or be sad.

Stepping in dog poo by accident is somehow supposed to be lucky? Don't know why but Simon managed to tread a whole load of oil in from the street and left foot prints all over my carpet on the stairs- will that make us wealthy? Hope so.. : )

Welcoming dogs into your home is also believed to be really lucky.

We had a great time on these supper club nights. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and loved the food. We hope that they will all be very lucky in the year of the Tiger. They will not be hungry - thats for sure.

Happy New Year.


  1. There's now a little bit of drool running down my chin - the food looks amazing *radiating envy*.

    One day I'll book in time... ;-)

  2. Beautiful photos, guys. Takes me back to that night! So fun. x

  3. Happy New Year! Looks like a very auspicious evening! Love the photo of the won ton wrappers.

  4. We had such a lovely time. Amazing food, fascinating company and a lovely atmosphere. We'll be back, with many friends. Happy New Year! xx

  5. Wow! That food looks amazing! Can't wait until we come back next Friday - looking forward to it


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