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Wednesday 11 November 2009

Fernandez & Leluu In Barcelona

We started the supper club in hope to build a kitty to travel to places around the world where we would like to eat our favourite dishes. Since then, (its only been 6 weeks) we spent all our donations on new kitchenware equipment, crockery etc to make the supper club run more efficiently.

Our first trip was to Barcelona. We had the romantic idea of buying local ingredients for our guests who would come to our supper club on Friday 13th November to eat our Spanish menu. And in between, we would eat tapas, stroll the markets, have coffee, walk a long the beach - that kind of thing! Unfortunately, there is no great story to tell, we did just that. And a test run of the menu with close friends and family and had a great time!

A nice place for coffee and breakfast. Always pop into this place whenever in Barcelona.

Contemporary Tapas. We were really excited about these, even though they were 2.80 Euro each. Each one was an exciting bite as we didn't really know what it was. We were disappointed a bit later on, we found another place who did these - and exactly the same. Just different name.

The purple paste turned out to be red onion and crab - very nice. Lots of cheeses, the one on the right is a very light cream cheese that has the texture of tofu.

Supper Club at Julia's. We should have been kinder and made Vietnamese food (as there is no Vietnamese restaurants on Barcelona) but we did a test run of The Spanish Inquisition Menu. It was so nice to eat with everyone. We always get terribly jealous when we see how much fun people are having at our supper club. Sometimes, we hear roars of laughter from the kitchen and we instantly turn green wishing we can join our guests. But at the same time, great big smiles appear on our faces - hearing and seeing the atmosphere created by our guests makes it all very worthwhile.

It was lovely to see my best friend Fatima. We met when we were 5 years old in our PE kits. We went to the same secondary school, did A Level Art and went to Central St Martins together. But now Fatima lives in Barcelona and so does Christian - Simon's brother.

Our friend Julia also moved to Barcelona. She has always dreamed of having a supper club in her beautiful home and hope that when her little angels grow older she may be able to. London is at a loss with both these wonderful women missing. Come home....

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