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Saturday 9 July 2016

Recipe: Cured Salmon w/ BBQ watermelon & Beetroot & Orange Sauce (Saturday Kitchen Remix)

Woke up a tad late this morning, missed the first half of Saturday Kitchen! I did however catch the cured salmon recipe whilst self administering a very strong coffee. As I watched I remembered I had some cured salmon leftover in the fridge. Also reminded me that I hadn’t yet put up Fridays post : /

Got to write a post this morning anyway, so why not do a Saturday Kitchen ‘remix’ for a laugh : )

It’s todays lunch inspired by the James Martin recipe on the show.

The brief: Create a recipe w/ cured salmon and BBQ’d fruit using only what’s in the kitchen:

I had a quick hunt about to gather ingredients, and here’s what I came up with . . .
See notes (how does it eat?) below.

ingredients (serves 4 as a starter)
300g beetroot cured salmon (recipe here)
100ml beetroot & cider sauce
20 seeded butter croutons
12 BBQ watermelon triangles
1 orange (supremed - see bottom)
20 pcs pickled garlic
24 shallot rings
greek basil (to dress)
1 lemon (juiced)

for the beetroot & cider sauce (~300ml)
375ml strongbow (dry cider is fine)
1 vanilla pod (opened & seeded)
650ml orange juice
100ml red wine vinegar
3 beetroot (peeled, ~half cm dice)
30ml groundnut oil
120ml lemon juice (120ml = 5 lemons)
Mix cider, vanilla, OJ, vinegar & beetroot cubes and simmer for 40m until beetroot is soft.
Remove beetroot, and continue to reduce the liquor to 300ml, or as soon as it coats the back of a spoon.
Add the oil and balance out with the lemon juice to your taste. This really brings it to life!

for the seeded butter croutons
4 slices seeded batch (5mm thick)
40g butter
Butter the loaf and cut off a slice 5mm thick. (repeat 4 times)
Place the slices butter down in frying pan on medium heat.
Once the are golden, turn them and cook until they become crispy and rigid.
Cut into triangles.

for the shallot rings
2 echelion / banana shallots
1 tbsp sugar
300ml hot water
Peel the shallots & slice them into discs.
Dissolve the sugar into hot water and add the shallots.
Leave to soak until needed, then strain and pat dry on paper towel.
This process will take the sting out of them but leave the crunch!

for the BBQ watermelon triangles
1 round watermelon (3/4inch thick cut into 12)
chilli to taste
caster sugar for coating
Cut a slice of watermelon from the centre of the melon about 1 inch (2.5cm) thick.
Remove the skin and cut into 12 triangles.
Place the watermelon into a plastic bag with a good squirt of squirt chilli sauce, and a couple of pinches of salt.
Gently jiggle the watermelon about in the bag to coat it in a thin film of chilli and season it.
Roll the triangles in sugar and then blow torch on a grill. (or BBQ them obvs!)

for the garnish
greek basil (goes well with the orange and compliments the dish)
green salad leaves
lemon (juiced)

to serve
Place the watermelon triangles facing up to give the dish a little height.
Then arrange the rest of the ingredients and dress the plate with beetroot & cider sauce.
If you like lemon on your salmon squeeze on now.
Finally dress with greek basil and green leaves.


As I write this I’m watching the recorded Saturday kitchen from the beginning and I’ve got to say the Spice Roasted Whole Red Snapper & Shrimp Kichri looks awesome!! Although I couldn’t fine the recipe for the Red Snapper : (

As does the Basque Beef w/ Koji, Creamed Corn, Grilled Lettuce, Enoki Hay & Red Wine Sauce from Elizabeth Allen! Right time to google shio koji!

notes (how does it eat?)
There quite a few flavours on this plate, question is do they work?

* shallot basil salmon & crouton - WORKS
* shallot basil salmon pickled garlic & crouton - WORKS
* shallot basil orange & salmon - WORKS
* basil shallot watermelon salmon & crouton - WORKS
* orange salmon & pickled garlic - WORKS
* salmon watermelon & pickled garlic - WEIRD - that’s a NO

Get rid of the either the watermelon or pickled garlic, both work with everything else but not each other!
On the next run I think I’d pickle the shallot  to introduce the the sharp notes from the pickled garlic, drop the garlic, and add in the beetroot cubes. Dropping the garlic is a shame, it has a nice clean note, a nice texture and it works well with everything else on the plate.



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