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Saturday 18 June 2016

Recipe: Beetroot Cured Salmon Sushi (Salmon Nigiri)

We were recently asked to do a Prince themed party the brief was relatively carte blanche but one course was specifically requested: a beetroot cured salmon. So after a little homework I created kind of sashimi dish. I’d call it a tataki or carpaccio but there is no searing involved! 

The creation was a lightly cured salmon dish served with a horseradish parfait, orange candied beetroot and red pepper puree. 

Quite pleased with it decided to upgrade my fillet roulette recipe’s nigiri element with a milder version of the cure.

It’s cured for less time to retain the texture in the centre of the cut.

ingredients (enough for 12 nigiri)

for the cured salmon 
(start about 10AM day before)
1/2 side salmon 
   (as fresh as possible, nigiri cut) 
150g raw beetroot (peeled diced)
2g cumin seeds
1/2 orange (chopped zest & juice)
100g caster sugar
200g sea salt
To create the cure blend all ingredients (except for salmon & orange juice).

The skirt of the salmon is used for nigiri. It has a fattier content that goes well wit the rice ball.

Cut along the length of the piece of salmon about half a centimetre under the row of bones in the centre.

Skin the salmon and create a neat block.

Pat the block dry with kitchen towel.

Line a tray with cling film.

Put 1/3 of the cure into the tray, add the salmon skin side up.

Pour the other 2/3 on top, make sure the salmon is completely coated.

Wrap it with the cling film and leave to cure for 12hrs.

Turn and redistribute the mix, cure for another 12hrs (overnight). 

When cutting the salmon, cut across the grain of the fat so you’re nigiri have a nice texture and are nicely striped.

The nigiri already have a certain amount of seasoning form the cure so I  served them with a light ponzu dip, wasabi and ginger as a palette cleanser. Lush!

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