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Friday 19 February 2016

Recipe: Sustainable White Fish Ceviche w/ Edamame (or Sugar Snaps)

Ceviche is a great way to eat fresh fish, and in a time when sustainable harvesting habits are important, this technique and its flavours lend themselves very well to sustainable fish stocks. Ceviche has it's roots in Peruvian cuisine. For this dish I've taken a little Asian influenced cuisine too!

If you can't fine edamame, sugar snaps go well too!

ingredients (serves 6-8)

Whack the stone with a knife.
for the white fish ceviche  
1 lemons (juice & zest)
2 limes (juice)
100g coconut cream
1/2 thumb of ginger (peeled & finely grated)
15g chives (finely chopped)
15g coriander (torn)
350g white fish 1cm dice (pollock, river cobbler, bream, pouting or a mix)
1 avocado peeled, small dice (spray with lemon juice to stop oxidation)
1 tbsp fish sauce (season to taste)

for the edamame
500g edamame
smoked salt flakes (Maldon salt )

for the garnish
fennel fronds for garnish 
and some of the chives (or garlic chives if you can get them - supermarket)
Turn the knife to loosen & remove the stone.

Prepare the ingredients. See ginger tip what could go wrong?
Mix the fish cubes in with the chopped herbs, store in a sealed container in the fridge for 2 hrs at least.
Infuse the coconut cream with the ginger in a pot: bring to boil then simmer. Reduce the mix by at least a 1/4. (A creamy consistency is required since the sauce loosens considerably when the fish and lime are mixed in.) Leave rest off the heat until required.
As your last guest arrives ceviche the fish with citrus 
Cut a grid into the avocado.
for 20min (15 - 45mins is fine).

Drop the edamame (shell on) into a pot of salted boiling water for 4 minutes.
Drain in a colander, and put into a bowl of cold water (so they retain their colour). Put aside until needed.

thinking ahead
Prepare all the ingredients but don't combine until your last guests arrives or not too long before otherwise the fish will be white all the way through instead of having a gorgeous translucent centre.
The edamame can be cooked early, refreshed and stored in the fridge.  Then heated in boiling water for 1 minute to serve hot when needed.

what could go wrong? (TIPS)

After peeling my ginger, only half of it is left!
And push out the pieces . . simple.

TIP: Try peeling ginger with a spoon, I know what your thinking but it works really well! Turn the spoon upside down and scrape it along the surface of the ginger - the skin will come away with very little effort, and very little waste!

My avocados look rank! 

TIP: coat them in a little lemon juice after you've cut them up to stop them oxidising.

My fish is cooked all the way through! 

TIP: Don't make the pieces too small, they will cook faster in the lime juice, and don't leave them in the lime for more than 45mins.

to serve
Add the edamame to some boiling water for 1 minute then drain through a colander, serve in a large bowl and sprinkle with smoked salt.
Drain the lime from fish and mix it with the coconut sauce and avocados, season with lime juice, and fish sauce to taste.
Place the ceviche into serving bowls, garnish with chives and fennel fronds, serve with chopsticks and a spoon. (that should entertain!)

techniques used
Ceviche, refreshing, peeling ginger

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