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Sunday 28 February 2016

Recipe: Scrambled Eggs w/ Soft Yolks (no bother Hollandaise)

Nothing beats a nice relaxed Sunday brunch, with the papers.  Especially when it’s a gorgeous, bright, crisp sunny day! Perfect to pop out somewhere to have it made for you! Well that’s all true but on this particular occasion I thought I’d take advantage of the nice weather to go for a spin on my bike, and when I got back I was in the mood for a solid brunch! 

I fancied something along the lines of a fry up but healthier. I had some smoked salmon and eggs but there was absolutely no way I was making a hollandaise sauce : /

Solution: Salmon with scrambled eggs with soft egg yolks. Add a little toast and soft cheese et voila!

ingredients (serves 2)
for the scrambled eggs w/ soft yolks
5 eggs
30g butter (or garlic butter)
30g cream (or creme fraiche or soured cream)
2 spring onions / 10g chives (chopped)

for the accompaniments 
smoked salmon 
cream cheese 
buttered toast

for the garnish
spring onion
lemon (for salmon - zest & cut into wedges)
sea salt 
fresh ground black pepper

Put some plates on to heat and get the accompaniments ready before hand. 
Make the toast as you make the scrambled eggs!! After all who like cold toast or cold eggs!!

scrambled eggs w/ soft yolks
Separate 4 of the yolks from the eggs, keeping the yolks in their shells so they don’t break.
Add the butter, egg and egg white to a pan on a medium heat. Stir them occasionally to mix in the yolk the butter. I like mine to have a little substance so I let chunks form and then stir a little.
Put 500ml of boiling water into a bowl and add the egg yolks, this will just cook the white and make a thin cooked outer.

Chop the greens and mix them into the egg white and butter. 30 seconds later add the cream and seasoning serve onto toast or a warm plate. Making an indent in the middle to hold the yolks!!
Remove the egg yolks from the water with a slotted spoon - tapping them on some kitchen towel on the way to release excess water - and place them in the centre of the scrambled eggs. 
Add accompaniments and serve immediately!!

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