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Friday 27 February 2015

Leftovers Recipe Experiment: Cauliflower & Couscous

I was having a bit of a clear down in the kitchen last weekend and decided to clear out all the nearly empty sauce bottles, veg and bits that were on their way out. 

I find couscous is quite a good way to use up a load of veg! An onion, some chicken stock, roast veg and some couscous and you can usually make something acceptable!

Now given what I had, I thought a slight moroccan lean would be appropriate. Kinda!? A technique I’ve seen a couple of time recently is blended cauliflower! Just blitzed in a food processor! Anyhoo I thought I’d give that a try and mix it with the couscous a sort of  low carb couscous. And have a looksee how it came out.

As it turns out: Really really good!! 

It has the same texture as the couscous but a lot less carbs! 5% vs 25%! Really good substitute. 

Luckily I took notes  .  .  .   

: ) 

Quick note: I’ve put to a quick reference together for use int kitchen w/ tablets and phones here: Quick Ref
Includes Grains vs water ratios for types of couscous, and other grains.

ingredients (serves 6)
for the couscous
50g sultanas
75ml OJ
75ml apple juice

125g barley couscous 
220g boiling water 
1 chicken stock (dissolved in water)

1 cauliflower (blended)

2 onions (medium dice)
1 green pepper (medium dice)
6 dates (stoned, small dice)

20g almonds flakes
40g butter (melted for almonds)

3 tangerines (peeled, and segments cut into halves)
1/2 salted lemon (fine dice)
5g coriander (optional)

for the garnish
a little coriander (of course)

apparatus / equipment
food processor (I used the blender attachment for my stick blender)

or a grater (watch your knuckles)

Put the juices and sultanas in a small pot and bring to the boil. Then turn it off and put aside to soak.
Dissolve the stock cube in the boiling water and add it to couscous.
Remove the stem from the cauliflower, break it up into florets and blend it until it’s the same consistency as couscous, maybe slightly larger, but not much.
Sweat off the pepper, onion and dates and put aside when ready.
Melt the butter and toast the almonds in it.
Use a wooden spoon or fork to lightly break up the couscous so it’s light and fluffy then mix in the cauliflower until homogenous.
Prep the tangerines, salted lemon & coriander, and add it all to the couscous, including the sultanas and juice!!
Mix, garnish and you’re ready to rock!!

Cracking combo!

thinking ahead
You can make this in the afternoon, and serve it room temp, or microwave it to heat it up.

what could go wrong? (notes)
For normal couscous use a ratio of 1 : 1.25  couscous : water by weight.
For barley couscous use a ratio of 1 : 1.75  couscous : water by weight.

Quick Ref for your phone, includes temperature conversion, couscous obvs, rice, meat doneness and more : )

If you want to eliminate the butter, you can toast the almonds under the grill.
You can use normal couscous too, just use a less water - 165g. 
Grains vs water ratios here: Quick Ref < bookmark me on phone / tablet!

You can get away with blending a little finer than this!!

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