Wednesday 14 January 2015

Recipe Shortcuts: Garlic, Onion, Chicken Stock Reduction

This (I’m not kidding!!) is one of those Sunday afternoon, background tasks that I do when I’m writing posts, or soaking up TED or youtube that kind of thing. You just need to kick it off and let it do it’s thing for a couple of hours! 

What’s it for? Succulent Chicken Breast Rigatoni (aka Teriyaki Mac 'n' Cheese), Smokey Linguini with Chorizo, Quiche of Kings See links (below) for recipes . . .

The nice thing is you can have it sat in a jar in the fridge and just dump a tbsp or two of it into what ever you’re cooking. It saves you the time of making a mirepoix or sofrito base. So on those days when you fancy some really nice fuel ‘and rapid like’ (said in my best RAF voice) you can knock up a bowl of smoked chorizo linguini in 10minutes! (including boiling the kettle!)

ingredients (fills 2x 600g mayo jar!)
for the reduction
4 bulbs of garlic (peeled and crushed)
6 chicken / vegetable stock (crushed)
12 onions (fine dice)
300ml olive oil
3 chillies (fine chopped including seeds)

Prep the ingredients, put them all into a stock pot (oil first), bring to the boil then set to simmer with a lid on. Stir occasionally so that it doesn’t catch, it’s ready when the onion has caramelised - medium dark brown.

It should be a thick coating consistency, with a low water content and should taste pretty salty, don’t forget it’s a stock and seasoning mix to use as a base!!

Once cooled a little pour the mix into a sterilised jar. There should be enough oil in the mix so that when it settles there will be a 5-10ml (protective) coating of oil on the top. If not add a little more olive oil until there is. The oil layer acts as a protective barrier against oxidation. It will last for a month in the fridge no problem.

I’ll add links to the recipes I use this in as I post them. Succulent Chicken Breast Rigatoni (aka Teriyaki Mac 'n' Cheese), Smokey Linguini with Chorizo, Quiche of Kings and more . . .

Succulent Chicken Breast Rigatoni (aka Teriyaki Mac 'n' Cheese)

if the common Quiche were fit for Kings

Smokey Linguini with Chorizo

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