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Monday 16 August 2010

Sourdough Breakfast

by @theferdie 
In the last 10 months of doing the supper club I've had a fantastic time, but I have to be honest it's absolutely wrecked my exercise regime and as a result I've put on 14kg count 'em 14kg!!! That 31lbs 2st almost!! Err yikes!!! Anyway I've decided enough is enough and have embarked on that journey on which we all go (except for some extremely lucky wiry types) from time to time to try and shift those muffin tops -  as Tom calls them! Thing is I hate the tasteless food you usually find on diet suggestions so I'm going to try and create tasty healthy food, and hit the exercise. I reckon it'll take 4 months to shift the lot at a kilo a week.

Anyhoo, I was wandering back from the pool this morning thinking about my morning coffee, and what I might have for breakfast when I happened by what a local baker that I'd not noticed before so - always on the look out for quality local business and food, especially sustainable environmentally friendly ventures -  I went in for a look and to chat to the guys who ran it.

That'll be Ben cracking away at his sourdough bread!

That'll be Lisa looking beautiful! (I'm sure she does much more than that!)

Ben & Lisa, along with Maria and Justin, run 3 businesses ( e5 Bake House, Happy Kitchen, and Mini Magoo's ) out of 402 Mentmore Terrace, in one of the arches, seems to be a very funky operation indeed!

I settled on a lovely looking loaf of sourdough bread and tootled off to make my ultra healthy breakfast:

A slice on slow release (talking sugar into the blood stream here) sourdough bread, a handful of sweet cherry plum tomatoes, some fresh basil and  some soft blue cheese.

As you can see the cheese is spread in a waffer theen layer of soft blue cheese just to add a hint of it lovely flavour to compliment the basil and tomatoes! Pleased : )

It says something about no coffee with milk and sugar . . . . ahem, err what milk? sugar, err . . . no, no! Of course not! Hmmm, one step at a time me thinks ; )


  1. I have been doing something very similar for the last 4 weeks...this mornings version I grilled the tomatoes, toasted the sourdough and rubber it with garlic (a la bruschetta) and tossed the basil on top to garnish....nothing better in this world for brekkie (unless I poach an egg as an extra).

  2. I just discovered them the weekend before last! I wonder how long they've been there? Also, they need a bigger sign- I've walked by them SO many times!


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