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Tuesday 3 August 2010

Eating Croatia Part One

Thanks to Qype – and Word On The Beach - We won a holiday and we went to Croatia! We are back now – all sunny glowed and porkpie looking!

We had the most amazing time – firstly because we didn’t expect to suddenly take off on holidays – I mean – that’s something what would make you really really happy! How lucky are we?!

We flew to Split in Croatia and spend a day and a night there. Not enough to learn any secrets of the place but then we took the ferry to Hvar – the Monte Carlo of Croatia – where there were boats the size of our street plus all the houses in it. Bling! Bling! Parties were everywhere!
In Hvar Island we hired a scooter and went around the island and found the most amazing beaches – all stone with pure clean turquoise crystal clear waters. It was all such a heavenly sight. We found a one of the best meals ever on a beach called Dabovica – it’s a steep climb rocky trip down (and even a harder way up) but well worth it – the beach is beautiful and they did the best grilled seabass we have had in a long time – so fresh – so simple and basic – the way fish should be.
 In Korcula – we hired a boat and ate at an island called Stupe– that’s the size of about 20 metres long – there we discovered hand made macaroni and then traced the woman who makes these Korcula Macaronis back in town to ask her how we can make these great tubes of pasta by hand which she and a handful of other women in this town does.

We ate in the middle of nowhere in a car parts yard! Once we found the good places where the locals eat, the food was amazing!

Back in Hvar town, – we had the greatest octopus carpaccio in a place called ‘Dalmatino’ – it was totally inspired and we will reveal this at the supper club!
In Stari Grad, we met an amazing artist whom we talked to about his sculptures of creatures he invented with found objects from nature. Goran Tadic
We ate so much but we also had a hard time looking for non – tourist traps – as you do. In the end we found a few treasures though and some great inspiration. We will be doing a Croatian/ Mediterranean event very soon to show what we have discovered.

We will be posting videos once edited and tips from our journey.
In the meantime, we would really need to get your help to vote us through to the finals. We already won a holiday so we are ever so pleased – thank you Qype and However, there is another stage to win a £2000 trip and we need your votes to win.
As they started the competition whilst we were away and had no internet access, we are lagging behind with only 1% of the votes so far. Please vote for us on every IP address you have and tell your friends to do so too. Many pleases – we ask you!

If we win – we would love to make a foodie trip – to learn and discover secrets like the Korcula Macaroni and bring it back to our supper club and share with all our guests.
In order to encourage you to vote, you can WIN a dinner for 4 people at our supper club – vote for us, let us know you did by joining the mailing list, LIKE our Facebook Page & Links, Twitter RTs… anything – as long as you let us know so we can add you to the raffle.


Thank you to those who have already voted and thank you in advance for voting : )
Uyen & Simon xxx


  1. So glad you had such a brilliant time, I'm eye-poppingly jealous all over again! I know Goran Tadic's place in Stari Grad, he makes amazing stuff doesn't he? And the Dubovica beach too, that crazy hike down the rocks to get there! Never eaten at the place down there before though, sounds like I've missed out. Guess I'll just have to get some tips from you next time I go back ;)

    (ps I've gone and voted for you, good luck!)

  2. @Jones thank you so much for your recommendations - in the first place! we went to Antika in Stari Grad too - there is so much to tell - which we will be doing in another post! It was all wonderful - except Hvar town - a bit too much for old little me!

    Goran Tadic? We have got to bring him to London and show everyone his work! amazing stuff!!

  3. Wow, that looks fantastic...not sure if I would be keen on the octopus though...
    Good luck in the competition. I've voted already.

  4. What a delicious trip you had!!!! Local cuisine... *nom* sadly I didn't get to try much local cuisine on my trip as we stayed in the resort. Hope you're both nicely tanned :)

  5. Not sure whether this is the best place to comment, but just wanted to say a big thankyou for Friday's supper club; amazing food and hospitality, and so impressed at all the work that must have gone into it. Definitely want to come again soon. Will pester you again if I ever get a blog up and running - F&L review as first post?! Great to meet you both and hopefully see you soon! Catriona x


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