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Friday 2 April 2021

Experiment / Recipe: Duck and Apple Quinoa w/ Wild Garlic & Duck Butter

by Simon Fernandez of ferdiesfoodlab

For this recipe I added a little lemon and  sugar to the apples to stop them oxidising & give the salad some light notes for a sunny spring day! If it’s a rather greyer colder day, it comes out rather well if you caramelise the apples. Add just a touch of sugar with a little cinnamon, and add some chopped dates to the salad too! 

This make a pretty decent vegetarian dish if you drop the duck, and replace the duck butter with 50/50 salted butter and creme fraiche!!

for the wild garlic & duck butter (makes 350g)

150g duck butter (recipe)

200g wild garlic (blanched and refreshed)

1/2 lime (juiced)


Blanch the wild garlic for 10 minutes tops, then drop it into cold water to stop it cooking and preserve the colour.

Probably best to do all the wild garlic at the same time and keep a third back for the salad!!

Chop it up so it doesn’t cause problems for the stick blender. Blend the leaves and lime juice in a high side jug

Once you have a relatively smooth paste add the butter in thirds until you have a loose puree.

Check it for seasoning, adjusting the salt and lime as necessary, then put it in the fridge to set

for the duck and apple quinoa salad (serves 2 - light lunch)

100g quinoa

250ml chicken stock

1 quarter confit duck leg (picked, recipe)

1 onion (brunoise)

1 clove garlic (crushed, chopped)

100g wild garlic (blanched, refreshed and chopped)

1/2 lime (for garnish / extra dressing)


Put the the quinoa and boiling stock in a pot with a lid, cook for approximately 10mins.

When it’s cooked the quinoa should have a little bite and have white circular whispy bits.

In the mean time put the picked duck into an oil coated pan on medium heat and leave it to crisp up.

Put the onions garlic and oil in a pan and cook until soft and translucent, then add them to the quinoa once it’s cooked. Chop the wild garlic and mix it, the apple and the duck into the quinoa too.

to serve

5g coriander (chopped)

1/2 lemon juiced


Add the coriander and lime juice, season and mix through well. Place in a serving bowl and top with wild garlic puree and a wedge of lime. No huge rush to serve, it should be at room temperature 


Quinoa water grain cooking ratio: 450:250 stock:grain - yields a cooked weight of 640g - a lot!

Cooking time ~15mins.

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