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Tuesday 31 January 2017

Recipe: Red Pepper & Goats Cheese Hotpot (Bruisers In The Darkness)

by Simon Fernandez of ferdiesfoodlab

I was out for my first bike ride yesterday in our new location. It was a beautifully sunny day so I decided to take the bike out for a spin and explore the area. But first, time to tackle the shed!! In the end I probably left it a little too late to leave and I nearly got caught out by the setting sun. I’d forgotten just how dark it gets with out street lights!!!! Bloody hell!!! 

After feeling my way home I set about making some tea. In this neck of the woods every hill is a what my uncle would describe as ‘a bruiser’ and when I got back I was starving!

I realised immediately that there was NO garlic!!! After what I can only describe as an extremely mild panic I set about making something from what I did have. 

I can safely say this recipe is a keeper so I decided to put it up on the blog! Although I put chicken in this version, it wouldn’t be missed in a vegetarian version!!

Red pepper and goats cheese make a great combo and that’s no exception here!! No garlic required after all!!

Please excuse the photography, my camera is still in transit : / 

ingredients (serves 2-4)

for the red pepper & goats cheese stew
80g red pepper puree [will add a link]
2 onions (in sixths)
2 ripe tomatoes (in eights)
40g goats cheese (in chunks)
chicken bits (wings, legs boney bits - browned)
1 large potato (microwave 5mins - diced)
200g butter beans 
4 leaves cavolo nero (sliced)
1L chicken / veg stock
Section the chicken, season it, and brown it off in a frying pan.
Prep he rest of the ingredients and put everything except the cavolo nero into as oven proof dish.
Pop it into the oven at 180C for 45m. Then remove it from the oven add the cavolo nero.
Return it to the over to soften for another 10-15mins.

for the accompaniment
1 sour dough french stick
Tear the french stick into generous pieces, toast them, or roast them in the oven for 10min.
And serve warm with butter.

for the topping
2-4 eggs (1 each)
Just before you serve add the eggs to the top of the stew and leave for 3-7 minutes, depending how soft you like your eggs!

Serve in a warm bow with the rustic french stick along side! 

What a fantastic winter warmer, and I got to test run the aga!

As I mentioned if you leave the chicken out this would make a great veggie dinner!

Great the next day mixed with spring onion chicken stock broth:

tasty & light!

1 comment:

  1. is it true that grilled food are harmful for us. it cause cancer?


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