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Friday 6 May 2016

Low Carb Experiment - Recipe: Fruit Salad w/ Prawns, Cauliflower & Vanilla (365kcal per serving - Vegan)

I’ve been having a go at one of those low carb / fasting days diets thingies. For each day (lunch & dinner) there’s a description of what you should eat. The brief for lunch was: 

“Fruit salad, any combination of fruits, as much as you want. Coffee/tea” 

which basically reads 

“You’re eating fruit mate!”. 

Now I’ve done this a couple of times and I can handle a banana, apple and a pear for lunch with a good chog of water melon, but watermelon is out of season at the moment so I came up with this instead. I know cauliflower is not a fruit, I know that! But you need something to bulk it out that isn’t going to blow you out of the water on the calorie front!

The flavour comes from the herbs, fruit and prawns. The  prawns, almonds and cauliflower give it a much broader texture than a normal fruit salad. 

Conclusion: At 365kcal per serving and a banging flavour profile it’s a keeper!! (and it’s vegan . . . crazy talk!!) Ahem, if you take out the prawns cough.

ingredients (serves 2)
for the fruit salad
250g cauliflower (1/2 cauliflower, blended)
140g black grapes (cut in halves)
180g tangerines (6 peeled, halved along the equator, then in segments)
50g dates (6 dates stoned & chopped)
6g coriander 
6g mint 
3g sage
1.5 dried chillies (initially I thought half this - but it was fine)
1g ea salt & pepper
50ml pear & vanilla juice
100g prawns per portion (frozen weight - thawed)
30g toasted flaked almonds (just right to give a nice texture and flavour)

Total for 2 servings = 729 (365 cal each)

Prep the ingredients as required and mix everything but the almonds and prawns.
Add the almonds and prawns just before you eat the salad.

thinking ahead
If you want to eat half the following day or later in the evening, add the prawns and almonds just before you eat it.
The mix will keep for a day no problem, add them when you eat it!

If you don’t like coriander just don’t add it, it remains a very tasty salad.
To make it vegan simply don’t use prawns!

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