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Friday 15 January 2016

Recipe: Thai Red Curry Paste

I’ve been looking around for a decent red curry paste recipe and after a bit of homework and a few trials this is what I’ve settled on! It’s a little milder and more fragrant than shop bought paste, and much nicer!

Kaffir lime (rather bumpier), lime & bunch of coriander
Coriander roots, and Kaffir limes (for zest) are ingredients I thought might potentially be quite tricky to get. As it turns out neither were that hard to find.

For coriander roots buy the coriander in large bunches, very likely to have a decent chog of root on! 
(you can use the stems if you can’t find root)

For the Kaffir lime, a good Thai supermarket will do. If you can’t get one don’t substitute it with Kaffir lime leaves in the paste. Add a few extra bruised leaves (4 leaves per tbsp paste) to the curry to get that beautiful fragrant flavour. 

ingredients (makes 400g paste)
for the red curry paste
180g shallots / red onion (diced)
45g lemon grass (chopped - 6 lemon grass outer removed topped tailed) 
8-16 large dried chilli (depending how spicy you like. 8 is mild, 12 medium 16 for a bit of poke)
45g galangal / ginger
45g coriander roots / stems (washed)
10 cloves garlic
5g cumin seeds
5g coriander seeds 
5g paprika
12g shrimp paste (healthy tsp)
5g salt
10g sugar 
1/2 kaffir lime / lime juiced
1 kaffir lime zest (if you can get it)

spice mill / pestle and mortar


Chuck it all into a spice mill and blast it into a smooth paste!! 
You’d think it was that easy right!!? Well for the most part it is.

The critical advice is if you’re using a spice mill blend the hardest elements first. Alternatively do everything separately and mix it to gather at the end!

So for the above, if doing all in one, mill in this order:
cumin & coriander seeds
salt & sugar 
dried chilli 
kaffir lime zest
lemon grass
galangal / ginger
coriander roots/stems
shrimp paste
shallots / red onion
lime juiced

Enjoy!! Maybe use it with this recipe from Food Urchin: An interesting (and quite funny) post on Persimmon & Duck Curry here.

thinking ahead
This will last for a month in the fridge, specially if you keep it in a jar and pour some vegetable oil on top of the paste to stop it oxidising or anything growing on it!!!! ; )

Thai Red Curry Paste

Red Veg Curry w/ Crispy Roast Chicken, Naan & Cardamom Rice

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