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Sunday 18 October 2015

Leftovers - Recipe: Special Fried Rice or Duck and Apple Haggis

I use all manner of variations of special fried rice to use up leftovers!  This one came about when I was running a duck menu last summer. 

Once all the development is done comes scaling it up for a banquet. It was the first time we’d scaled it up in anger, you always have to make alterations to ingredients, quantities and the process. On this particular occasion I totally miss-judged the amount of duck we needed (always have more than you need, hungry banqueters ain’t a pretty site!), and as it happens we had a giant haggis leftover too!! Secretly thinking RESULT!! : )

The key elements in this recipe are the caramelised apple and the haggis, they make a great backdrop of the duck and the cavolo nero. After the onions, which deepen the flavour and also add some lighter notes (spring onion), the rest is completely optional!

One note I will make is that the Braeburn apples that I used weren’t quite ripe which meant they had a good bite to them so they put up well with the caramelising process, staying in chunks and adding a sharp note when they were bit into, perfect against the haggis and the duck!!! Still I don’t think I’d use cooking apples!

Unusual, minimal effort and really really good!!!

ingredients (serves 6)
for the caramelised apple 
4 Braeburn apples (3/4 cm dice)
1 lemon (juiced)
1 tbsp sugar
1/4 tsp cinnamon

for the duck and apple haggis
300g picked duck (picked form carcass)
300g caramelised apple (from above)
700g haggis (cooked and broken up)
cavolo nero (1cm slices)
1 leek (cleaned and small dice)
1 large onion (medium dice)
6 spring onion (chopped)
1 pepper (deseeded, medium dice)
2 carrots (medium dice - 1/2cm)
2 eggs
200g boiled rice
2 roast potatoes (coarse chop)

for the garnish
5g chives (chopped)

caramelised apple 
Juice the lemon into a bowl big enough to hold the apples 
Peel and dice the apples about 3/4 cm dice. Add them to the lemon juice and toss to coat them and stop them going brown.
You want them to release a burst of flavour when you bite into the chunks, smaller than this and they’ll turn to mush!
Once they’re all dice put them into a medium hot pan and allow them to release juice without moving them about too much.
Once they’ve stopped releasing juice and there’s almost none left add the cinnamon and the sugar and toss them to coat well.
Leave them until the sugar stars to caramelise the apple chunks, once done put them aside until needed.

for the duck and apple haggis
Add a little oil and the eggs to a hot pan then add the boiled rice and chopped roast potatoes and mix well, one the egg is cooked put the mix into a large mixing bowl. This step is optional, I was just using up leftovers, that is after all the point or the exercise!

The bowl is not optional!! The rice and potatoes are!! K?

Next make a kind of mirepoix from the onion, leek, pepper, carrots and cavolo nero, season and once cooked add this to the mixing bowl.

Add a little more oil to the pan and ad the picked duck pieces toss to coat them (a smidgen of hoisin sauce at this point doesn’t hurt but it’s optional) and then leave them a few minutes to crisp up a little. Add them to the mix.

Right, time to release the Haggis! Add some more oil to the pan and add the crumbled (already cooked haggis) and warm through. Add this to the mix and mix in well.

Then mix in the raw chopped spring onion and lastly gently fold in the caramelised apple

to serve
Chuck some chopped chives over the top and serve immediately!! I served this with some larger duck pieces and hoisin sauce and some soused cucumber and mange tout.

It really doesn’t need the rice or roast potatoes! The haggis is a good stogy substance and will put up with being loaded with quite a lot of vegetable! Pick what every you want! Pork goes well with this too instead of duck. . . 

It ain’t going to get any Michelin Stars but it’s a good feed if there are a few of you!! : )

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