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Saturday 24 May 2014

Recipe: Coconut & Cointreau Sorbet

This is one of those recipes that makes you look good, for very little work indeed! It has an amazing combination of flavours, and it's a really light finish to a meal.

Extract from the Movember Cook book which
you can get here: Cook Like A Man - Movember

ingredients (serves 8 x 70ml)
for the sorbet
130g caster
250ml coconut milk
150ml coconut juice
1/2  lime (juice & zest)
50ml cointreau

for the garnish
small mint leaves (tip of mint plant)
lime zest

apparatus / equipment
ice cream machine or 
food processor

Put all the ingredients except the lime and the cointreau into a pot on the hob. 
Turn on to a medium/high heat and stir until the sugar has dissolved.
Take off the heat and allow to cool completely. Then add the lime juice and the cointreau, and mix them in thoroughly. 
Put the mix into an ice cream machine and follow its instructions. 
If like me you don't have an ice cream machine, freeze the liquid in a couple of ice cube trays. It will separate into 2 layers, pop out the sorbet cubes and put them into a food processor, run the motor until you have a slush puppy consistency. Refreeze immediately, in a tupperware box.

to serve
Serve in a decorative cup or a martini glass, put a couple of good sized scoops in.
Sprinkle a few zest strands onto the sorbet.
Pick the small leaves from a mint plant and place one in the centre of each sorbet.
Serve immediately!

thinking ahead
Best to make this in advance; at least one day in advance! It takes quite a while to cool and longer to freeze!

Why not try it with a raspberry liqueur

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