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Wednesday 9 January 2013

Recipe: Morcilla Croquette w/ Poached Egg & Peas

by Simon Fernandez of ferdiesfoodlab

Sometimes simplicity is all that is required . . .  

ingredients (serves 4)
for the herb oil (you'll only need a fraction of this!)
500ml extra virgin olive oil
100 baby spinach
15g parsley
10g chives
5g salt

for the peas
150g peas
40g butter
250ml chicken stock

for the morcilla croquettes (8)
280g morcilla
50g panko bread crumbs
1 egg
plain flour for coating

for the poached eggs
4 eggs
herb oil (in a squirty bottle)
cling film
4 bag clips

for the garnish
coriander shoots (or cress)
herb oil

herb oil
Wash the spinach and herbs, and squeeze dry.
Heat the oil to 90C, with heat still on add the spinach, and the herbs, mix well for 1minute and turn off the heat.
Blend until smooth and store in a squeezy bottle. Hazaaaah!


Put all in the ingredients into a small pan.
Cook on a gentle heat until the stock and butter form an emulsion.
Season to balance the egg, don't forget the herb oil is also a seasoning!
Keep warm . . .

morcilla croquettes
Quenelle the morcilla into 30g quenelles, pane it.
Deep fry them at 160C / 3mins. (or shallow fry turning frequently to give an even golden coat)
Put aside and keep warm until ready to plate.

poached eggs

Pull some cling film, cut it. Make sure it's enough to envelop an egg.
Give it a quick squirt of herb oil. (for flavour and so the egg doesn't stick to the cling film!)
Pop it over a gap in the egg box oil side up - where you took the egg from, and crack an egg into it.
Seal it with a bag clip. (Cut off any excess cling film)
Boil for 4mins, then gently remove from pot.
Cut the clip off, and carefully unwrap the egg for plating!

so serve
Plate up peas first, croquette, egg, black pepper, and some coriander shoots (or cress), and a quick squirt of herb oil.

Pane: if you do it properly you'll end up with one wet hand (coated in egg) and one dry hand (with a little flour on it) - which is A LOT cleaner, and quick to wash and dry - rather that 2 hands that are all sticky and coated in a thick layer of bread crumbs!! It helps if you quenelle a batch onto a bed of flour first! ; )

quick tip!
Growing init! Coriander shoots are a very popular garnish, if you fancy kicking off a background task sprinkle some coriander seeds on a little, err what exactly did you do mum?
Compost that's it!!

Sprinkle them on compost earth. You have 2 options for sourcing the seeds, you could go to your local garden centre and pay £2.50 for 15 seeds or you can go to a half decent indian supermarket and buy a 1kg bag (don't buy roasted they're not viable!) of coriander seeds for £2.99 (gotta be 60,000 seeds - I didn't weigh them I swear!! £10/g = £10,000 / kg think the garden centre has it sown up, boom boom!!)

Thanks mum for the gardening, and the gardening tips! : )


  1. Wowzers! This looks so delicious. Definitely going to try it sometime.

  2. Thank you very much!! :)
    Would love to know how you get on with it!!
    When are you going to grace us with you presence??
    Almost made it a few times!!! ;)


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