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Wednesday 22 February 2012

Recipe: Black Garlic King Prawn Kebab w/ Cucumber & Lime

by Simon Fernandez of ferdiesfoodlab

Due to some bad planning and a rather rushed weekend I managed to end up with a rather large handful of uncooked shell-on king prawns I had to cook. That, or they would have gone to waste!  Now I don't believe in wasting anything, and I try and find good ways of preserving if possible: freezing, curing, whatever makes most sense. In this case I had some stunning ingredients left over from the supper club so I thought I'd treat my flatmates to some special kebabs!! Here's what I made for them . . . . .

Lemon oil, black garlic and prawns are a fabulous combination of flavours!!
ingredients (serves 2)
for the prawns
16 raw kingsize prawns (head off or shell off)
40g fermented garlic butter (in slices) - (here's how to make it!)
1/4 lime (juiced)

for the sauce
125g natural yogurt
10 leaves fresh mint (finely chopped)
1/2 cucumber (medium/large dice)

for the naan bread
2 fresh plain buttered naan (lush home made naan here)

for the garnish
5g coriander leaves
1/2 lime

(and cast-iron pan and grill - if making naan)

Mix the mint, cucumber and yogurt together and season. The salt you add here will balance the sweetness of the black garlic prawns. Maybe worth dipping one in when they're cooked, just to test the seasoning you understand ; ) chef's privilege.

I love making my own naan, mostly because I'm not that often near a place where I can get a really good one!
If you're lucky enough to have a good authentic local, and you're short on time go get 'em, but if you're relaxing on the weekend, maybe cooking for the family or friends you can very simply make your own. Here's how : )

Add a knob of butter to the wok and throw in the prawns, add the chopped black garlic butter, and mix well moving the prawns continuously to they cook, and coat evenly. Take care not to over cook them, they should moist on the inside! Once ready turn off the gas, leave them in the wok while you plate so they don't go cold!

to serve
If you are using head-on shell-on (HOSO, in fact, with any shell at all) serve the kebab open. With the naan bread butter side up, dress with a generous serving of cucumber mix, load the prawns on top and garnish with coriander and a squeeze of lime juice!
Serve immediately.

I might have had a little nibble of that there naan, was quite peckish!


  1. I surely wish were on of your flatmates. Looks incredible!

  2. Thanks :) it was a pretty darn tasty kebab!!!


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