Monday 25 October 2010

Charity Dinner For Action Against Hunger With Unearthed

Back in the day of long sizzling summer, when our toes were hungry for ultra violet and our knees became a shade darker- we had mega picnics, one at Henley Royal Regatta and secret garden parties with champagne on tap. To top it off, we won a holiday to Croatia! It has been great.

One morning, we were sent a whole box of Unearthed goodies because we had tweeted how wonderful their Parma and Serrano ham tastes. For foodies, something like this is like being in seventh heaven. We got to play around with the ingredients and simply just enjoyed them too.

One thing lead to another and we were asked to host a special charity dinner party by Unearthed, using Unearthed products (any way we see fit) to raise money and awareness for the humanitarian organization - Action Against Hunger. (wow – what an honour).

Heidi Drummond, Head of Events at Action Against Hunger, comments:  “Based on our long-standing relationship with the foodie industry, we were keen to offer an eat-in option to our annual restaurants campaign, encouraging foodies to host a dinner party and invite their friends to make a donation in return for the delicious meal. Hosts simply have to pick a menu, invite their guests and get cooking. We have prepared lots of helpful tips and materials including invites and recipes for people to download; it’s an easy, fun way to make a difference.”

Back in September, culinary luminaries such as Raymond Blanc, Marcus Wareing, Francesco Mazzei, Giorgio Locatelli, Vivek Singh, Cyrus Todiwala, Jun Tanaka, Mickael Weiss, Oliver Rowe and Tristan Welch came together to launch Fight Hunger Eat Out - the UK’s biggest foodie fundraising campaign - to help fight child hunger in some of the world’s poorest countries.

To raise awareness for Action Against Hunger, we have invited foodies of London town for a one off dinner party event at home, at our supper club – It will be hosted by Simon Day – the founder of Unearthed®

Simon Day is such an inspiring figure, he travels the world and brings back the most flavoursome ingredients for his selection. There is Chorizo from Catalunya, Duck Mousse from Brittany, Rillettes from Le Mans, Prosciutto from Como and Feta from Volos, olives from Palestine amongst many others–

"while unearthed was born out of the enjoyment of food and flavours we’re also aware that for many people in this world, food remains a worry and a necessity in short supply, rather than a joy. We share Action Against Hunger's vision of a world without hunger and are proud to be the first National Ambassador Brand of their latest foodie initiative. The charity's work has begun to inspire our team already and we look forward to making food less of a concern and more of a pleasure for others in future."

Our Menu will be something like this:

Sweet Corn Veloute w/ Chorizo Film

Potato Omelette and Picante Sauce w/ Duck Mousse, 
Oyster Mushrooms and Garlic Bread

Serrano Ham w/ Champaign Poached Pears and 
Watercress Mixed Green Leaf


Pork Meatballs in Chipotle Sauce w/ Russian Salad

Baked Rice

Dessert: TBC

As usual, we are spinning with excitement! The cold is starting to kick in and its time for more dinner parties – we hope that many of our friends, readers, followers and guests will be inspired to host their own dinners to raise money and create awareness for Action Against Hunger to help build, maintain communities and health care in places like Zambia where Unearthed are supporting long term solutions to hunger.

We will be reporting back. If you have any questions you would like to ask Unearthed or Action Against Hunger, please use the comment form and we will be sure to ask them for you.

Thank you to Wild Card PR for the opportunity to do something very worth while and meaningful.


  1. Now this is a good way to get the knowledge of your products out there, all in a good cause too. Good job Unearthed (and F&L for hosting)!

    Finding new stuff to play with like this - no wonder you're spinning with excitement.

  2. @thegrubworm
    This is such a good idea to raise money for charity. Invite your friends over, instead of them paying a restaurant bill, they can make a donation to charity. This is definitely the way forward and we should help to spread this idea! x See you at the dinner party Mr Grubworm!

  3. I can't wait, looks amazing! I loved the sweet corn veloute last time, great to see it on the menu again :) and all for charity, even better! Ute xx


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